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Pre/Post Employment Investigation

Pre/Post Employment Investigation Pre/ Post Employment Verification in Delhi


Pre Employment Investigation

Our investigative services broaden from pre-employment to post-employment information requirements of employers. We offer a complete solution of employment screening services including Pre / Post Employment Verification of credentials and references, checking of public records, and character evaluation. In Pre Employment Verification category, we offer wide range of Pre-Employment verification services. Scrutiny of resumes submitted by the candidates and extraction of correct identity, family, address, educational qualification, financial position, criminal record, reference checks, creditworthiness medical history and all the details of the employee. Our corporate investigators will give comprehensive details about all the candidates. Pre-employment screening will help companies identify problem areas before they hire an individual. Our services consist of investigation on over all work attitudes, employment checks, certificates / degree verification, family verification, education, residence address (past & present), reference checks, criminal verification, biological testing etc.

Our efforts are purely based on the task at hand and therefore we do not stick to a single approach. We are flexible and often go beyond the regular repertoire to gather specific information. In such situations, we go on to perform a comprehensive information gathering process.

Post Employment Investigation

In order to keep your organization working successfully and limit the occurrence of fraud you need to run post employment verifications. There are many times when organizations need verification of specific individuals involved in activities like:

Internal fraud
Theft by employees
Misappropriation of information and industrial espionage
Big or small cases of pilferage
Mishandling or leakage of business information and important data.
Any kind of fraudulent mischief in the company like embezzlement of funds.
Copyright, patent and trademark infringement

It is essential to ensure the honesty of the employees because any leniency in this respect can prove fatal for the working and productivity of the company. Verifying whether the employees are loyal to the company and are not misusing the assets or important information of the company is vital. Employees working at different levels in the company can cause a severe damage to the reputation of the company. Any misuse or mishandling of company’s confidential information by the employees can cause a great loss.

We help you preserve your important information and conduct verification on all or doubtful employees to protect the name and reputation of your company. If you run a MNC, you definitely won’t know about each and every employee and what he does after or in his working hours. We help you manage your staff in a better way and keep an eye on any misconduct or breach so that you can catch it there and then and save yourself from the consequences. Integrity of employees can never be ignored at management level as it could prove costly for the complete organization. Any employee at a significant position within the company has the potential to cause severe damage, if access can be gained to databases and other confidential information. The security of company is only as strong as the weakest link.

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