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Why is background verification necessary?

Background verification is simply gathering the information about the past of the person, or in simple words, it involves obtaining the history of the person, in order to know more about him. It may involve obtaining just the brief details about the person, like his education details, family background and employment details or in depth research like his regular activities, his friend circle, his relationship with other people other than his family, his online presence, the places he visits the most etc. Now, you may ask that why is background verification necessary? Let’s find the answer to your question

So, how well do you know about your assistant, who is handling all your professional matters? Or the maid who cooks for you daily and even maintains your house, in your absence, or your driver who drives you every day when you are going outside. These people are not as close to you like your family and relatives, but still your life is connected to them in a certain way. It will not be wrong to say that these people do have some control in your life and you have trusted them enough to give this control and most and most importantly, they are privy to your routine, your habits, your contacts and your confederates. But what will happen, if your trade secrets, suddenly starts reaching your rival companies? What if one day after returning home, you find out that your entire house has been robbed? And what will happen, if you get kidnapped, while you were in your car?

It is clear from this situation, that one of the person, who is associated with you in some way, has broken your trust by trading inside information with the others. It is possible, that your assistant may have traded your confidential business details, in exchange for more money. Your maid knows everything about your whole schedule, the exact time when you leave home, the time when you get back, she might have robbed your house, with someone’s help or may be your driver and your maid must have plotted together in order to steal from you, whoever it was, but you will be the one, who will get destroyed at the end. It will be too late to act, after suffering from all the above mishaps. You may think that may be if you had properly verified about the people, things may have been different, if you had taken suitable measures regarding the safety of yourself as well as your belonging, things may not have ended so badly. But, as they say there is no point in crying over spilled milk. That is why; one should do a proper background check, before associating with someone, both in personal as well as in professional life.

If we are talking about personal life, you show know that today’s digital media has totally changed the idea of personal life and privacy. Advancement of technology has brought some positive as well as some negative changes in the way we lead our life. Today’s younger generation as well adults use social media extensively. It is very easy to hide one’s identity in online platform. So, if you have thousands or millions of online friends, you may know some of them, but a large proportion of those people are still strangers for you. Moreover, can you just imagine that those strangers have details about your personal life, through online medium. This reminds us about a priceless and a thoughtful quote on social media:-
"Transparency may be the most disruptive and far reaching innovation to come out of social media"
Suppose, you are looking for a matrimonial alliance through online, how can you be sure that everything stated by the opposite party is actually true?

You may think that you have found a nice person, good enough to get married but as your relationship is based more on online communication and very less on real life communication, how can you be sure about his/her background? He/she may be lying the whole time, in order to fool you.

So, now the question arises, how can I protect myself from these kind of people? The answer is, in order to safeguard yourself, you need to be more careful and alert, while confiding about your personal and professional details among strangers. Those who are running a business, or those who are in charge of highly sensitive details relating to their profession, should be extra careful and give importance to employment verification(which basically involves conducting a background check on the prospective employee before offering a job).

For conducting background verification, you will need services of trained professionals, who are experts in this type of work. Yes, you can be extra careful and cautious before associating with any new people, but after all your precautions there are still so many possibilities for things to go bad and to go out of control. On your part, you should enquire about each and every detail, before associating with any new person in personal or professional front. After that it, is better to recheck about the person from a good detective agency, who are professionally capable in handling these type of tasks.

City Intelligence is one such detective agency, where specialized agents provide their expert services in doing complete background verification, so that you don’t become a victim of harmful people. By using their professional techniques, they can gather the entire history of the person, about whom the clients are interested to know, thus ensuring safety and security of their clients. They can conduct both a brief and a deep research depending upon your requirement.


With the help of their resources, they can dig up the public records to see if the said person has any kind of criminal history or if he is clean. By reaching out to a well reputed detective agency like City Intelligence, you can also know, if the person you want to enquire about has previously been accused for any negative activity by any other company or something like that. Thus, there are a lot of advantages on reaching out to a professional detective agency.
Thorough investigation on overall work attitudes, employment checks, certificate/degree verification, medical history, educational background and biological testing is done to extract the real identity.

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Hiring City Intelligence is the only call you’ll ever have to make. We guarantee the professionalism of all our staff, and pride ourselves on our reputation to deliver the best possible results for all of our Clients.

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