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Verification of Business Associates


A vendor disappeared without making due settlements to an export house. So, we were approached by this export house to gather information about their assets and current residential address of this vendor, so that they can serve them a legal notice.

To know all the necessary details about the vendor which includes information about his assets and his current address. So that our client can take legal action against him.

Our client provided us all the addresses belonging to the vendor. We closely monitored those locations. Although, we couldn’t trace the vendor there but the vehicles visiting those locations did help us to know something.

When we investigated the ownership of those vehicles, we found that one of the vehicle belonged to a company and that particular company was related to the vendor.
On further investigation, we found that this vendor was working under a different name in his line of business and that is how he disappeared so easily from our client.
Our revelation helped us to collect information about his local assets, current residential address and even the location of his current workplace.

All the collected information was duly reported to our client. Details revealed from this investigation helped our client to deal with this situation in a legally appropriate way and eventually helped him to safeguard his money from this treacherous vendor.

In business, whenever you think about reliability & trust remember that proper verification before associating with others is a must

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