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I have done many successful projects in my investigative carrier and today, I am going to tell you about one of them. This case is about a love marriage and it will reveal, how an investigation conducted by us - City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. led to a huge disclosure.

This incident goes back to 2017 in Madhya Pradesh. More details regarding the exact location cannot be provided, due to confidentiality issues. So let’s get right into the situation and see how our investigation uncovered some of the dark - hidden truths about the Subject of our investigation. A case involving a couple who were going to marry after a two year old relationship was brought before City Intelligence. Actually, we were approached by father and brother of the girl (bride-to-be) to find out more about a boy (groom-to-be). The prospective - client party informed us that the daughter of their family was going to marry this particular boy. They said that even though he seems like a good person and an employed one as well, they still wanted to verify the family details provided by him to get further assurance about him.

On clearly understanding their requirement, we explained them about the time and charges involved in conducting such an investigation. After reaching a mutual agreement, they provided us with name, office address and photograph of the boy, who was soon going to be associated with their family. With these details in hand, we began our investigation. The basic details given by our client helped us to know about the residential address of our Subject of the investigation (the groom-to-be). On getting the residential address, we verified this particular insight with the client and they confirmed that they were given the same detail by the subject. This particular address was about 450 kilometres away. Physical visit to this location led us to the discovery that this particular residential address given by the subject to the client was completely fake. Then, we updated our client with this information.

We even tried to use his bike details to know about his actual residence, but sadly we couldn’t get anything because it was registered under his office address. To get a strong clue to proceed with our investigation, we closely monitored the available residential address (the fake one) so that we can get to the real one. We, City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. clearly understood at this point that the subject is definitely hiding something and we need to act smarter to expose his deception. Therefore, we adopted a strategy and convinced the garbage collector of this location to provide us with the collected garbage from 4 houses (including the targeted house). He agreed to fulfil our requirement.

Then from almost 3rd day of this garbage collecting procedure, we felt some ray of hope in this quest. On that day, we found a delivery receipt for Indian Oil LPG cylinder, which belonged to the subject himself. That receipt was little wet in the bottom which made it hard to read the complete information about the subject. We didn’t lose our hope though as this little evidence was enough for us to get inside the whole situation. The receipt contained details about the gas booking agency, which was about 80 kilometres away from the subject’s residence and we decided to use this little piece of information to reach the Subject. We contacted that agency, disguised as a disgruntled customer, who has not yet received his booking. On being asked about the consumer number, we provided the one which was available in the subject’s delivery receipt (found by us from his trash). Obviously, in order to rectify the mistake, the gas booking agency tried to verify the customer address with us and thus the actual address of the customer i.e. the subject of this investigation came into our view. Our team had recorded that address in our spy recorder and thus, we decided to make a visit to the actual residential address.

Pay special attention at this point because this is the point which marks the beginning of the actual discovery of our subject’s true identity. This is the point which changed everything we knew about the subject. When we physically visited the location, we found that the subject, who was going to marry the client party’s daughter lives there with his wife and three children of his own. He was already married from a long time and he had successfully kept this crucial information hidden from the client party’s entire family, including the girl with whom he was going to be married after a two year relationship. We also got to know about subject’s ancestral village which was about 26 kilometres away. We visited that village and verified every detail regarding his family from there.

After getting our required information, we met the client in our office and updated them with everything about the Subject. After getting to know about our findings, they wanted to confirm about this because this discovery was really shocking for them. So, to provide them with a certainty, one of our team members went along with the client’s trusted family member to the subject’s actual residence under a disguise of staff members from the subject’s office. Subject was not there at that moment, only his wife was present along with her children. We told her that we were conducting a physical verification of the subject’s residence as an official procedure of the subject’s office. She believed us and gave every detail about her family, which evidently provided us with everything we needed to know.

Thus, on getting such a conclusive proof about the true identity of the subject, our client party were satisfied on this investigation. They were completed devastated, but still they were extremely grateful for our services which exposed the true identity of the Subject and helped them to save their daughter from a dishonest man. When they informed their daughter about the real identity of the man, she was going to marry, it completely shook her. She was not ready to accept this truth about the man with whom she was in a relationship from the past two years. This was acceptable as truth is a bitter pill after all. So, we advised the client party to invite the subject to their house without giving him any prior information and then finally confront him with the truth. They did everything as per our advice. On being directly confronted, he accepted his lies in presence of the girl, he was supposed to marry. This ultimately broke the relationship between this couple and their wedding was called off. So, what do we earn from this entire sequence of events? This whole incident serves as a warning that, be it love marriage or an arranged one, pre-matrimonial verification is an essential step for a better future.

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