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Undercover operation

A big corporate house was facing loss due to embezzlement and antimanagement activities happening in their manufacturing unit, so they approached us to find the cause behind it.

To know about the real reason behind the current situation of the business firm by conducting undercover operation.

We planted our undercover agents in the manufacturing unit of our client. With time, they easily got mingled with the other staff members and gained their trust. Our undercover team observed that some employees were secretly transferring goods from the firm to outside sources. This whole operation was being conducted by a particular group and we found that they had caused huge loss to our client amounting to lakhs per month by this embezzlement. This group also used to turn the workers against management and create conflicts among each other. Other workers were not able to give their best performance due to working in this kind of toxic atmosphere.

Ultimately, our undercover agents identified these moles and reported about them to our client. Due to this discovery, our client was able to restore healthy work environment for the workers. They stopped facing unreasonable loss by eliminating of those fraudsters from the manufacturing unit. Ultimately the management started improving from its previous condition

In certain situations, the main root of the problem may be hiding in plain sight all along.
An experienced professional with an eye for detail is a good choice to handle such situations.

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