If your creations are copyright protected, then why should you be the one who is affected ?


Every creation may not be well liked but it doesn’t mean that they can steal the ones created by others and claim it as their own, isn’t it? If your copyright protected material is being used by someone without authorization, then there is an investigation service to aid you during this situation. We are talking about “COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INVESTIGATION”.

Cases where successful trademark or any other registered intellectual property gets used by others without permission then such cases can be termed as copyright violation or “Copyright infringement”.

Under this service, the private detectives investigate the form and extend of copyright breach committed by the opposite party so that effective measures can be taken to proceed with the case in the court of law.


  • Helps to take necessary steps against the counterfeit products.
  • Helps to detect the sale of illegal & unauthorized products which may be potentially dangerous.
  • Assists in protection of name, brand value and goodwill of the client’s business enterprise.
  • Detects the extra profits made by the infringers and thus supports in taking effective actions against them.
  • Acts as the right step to re-gain control over the creations made by the original creator.

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Contact us today for a free consultation and discuss how City Intelligence can help you navigate the complexities of international background checks!

Journey of service delivery with city intelligence

1. Case Analysis

Client’s case will be properly explored and evaluated from all facets before making any decision about it. In this analysis stage, our experts will study the exact problem faced by our client. There are a wide range of complicated elements involved in a copyright infringement case and it is extremely crucial to understand the form and extend of copyright violation made by the opposite party to tackle this case effectively and to take legal help in the future.

2. Investigation Strategy

After accurately understanding the issue faced by our client, we will create an investigation strategy to conduct the process of our investigation in a smooth manner. Our strategy will vary upon the individual situation of each and every case. Counterfeit products poses a huge problem in the economy and therefore cases regarding counterfeit and copyright breach needs a strong network of measures to detect and remove the root problem. Our investigation strategy will be strong and reliable enough to deal with the severity and pervasiveness of the copyright infringement case.

3. Intelligence Gathering

Intelligence gathering will be primarily based upon the factors involved in a case. Modern and up-to-date technology will be used as a part of our intelligence gathering process. Our team of experts will tactfully approach every case according to the issues presented by them to hinder the growth and existence of our client’s brand value and goodwill. Their mode of operation will be discreet and goal oriented as well.

4. Report To Clients

Our findings and detection will be presented in an understandable manner through our investigation report. We understand that evidence acquired from this case, will be extremely useful in the court of law. Therefore, our team will gather adequate proof in the form of photographs so as to support our findings. We will deliver our investigation report in an unbiased and systematic manner, so that every detail can help our clients in the long run and supports them to take necessary action.

5. Resolution Of Case

Conclusions from the case will be drawn so that the client can understand the exact status of their requirements & suspicions. Fulfillment of the client requirement as per the pre-conducted discussion and case-meetings marks the resolution of a case.

Copyright/ Trademark Infringement Detectives Agency In Delhi, India

City Intelligence is one of the foremost and best Copyright & Patent Solution in India . As we have an experienced investigation teams which are able to trap the suspected activities of counterfeiter and their agents to identify the subspecies product/manufacturing units, distributors and wholesalers and obtain evidences for legal processors so that the cases can be solve in correct way. Patent is a type of ownership in the form of legal documents granted to the original inventors for their unique creation and invention in the form of products and services.
To tracing such type of counterfeiter and their wholesalers City Intelligence investigative teams conducts the market survey to seek out the manufacturing unit of an identified infringement.

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