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The moment you have a suspicion is the moment to actUnlock the Truth

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The moment you have a suspicion is the moment to actUnlock the Truth

Call +91-9811510888 Discreet 24/7 Hotline - Speak to a Professional Now

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The moment you have a suspicion is the moment to actUnlock the Truth

Call +91-9811510888 Discreet 24/7 Hotline - Speak to a Professional Now

Consult Now

The moment you have a suspicion is the moment to actUnlock the Truth

Call +91-9811510888 Discreet 24/7 Hotline - Speak to a Professional Now

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Best Detective AgencyRegistered with Govt of India & International Awarded Detective Agency

Detective Agency City Intelligence Detective Agency in Delhi is known for offering 100% Discrete & Confidential Private Investigation & Corporate Investigation Services for Pan India & International Enquires at affordable pricing. City Intelligence (The Clue Hunters) is one of the highly reputed Detective Agency in Delhi. Our private detectives in Delhi have years of experience. Our operative detectives have a variety of skills, including surveillance, debugging, finding contacts, monitoring locations or using most advanced spy technology.

We are India’s No.1 Private Detective Agency in Delhi. We are having a team of over 70+ highly professional investigators, who are operating globally and delivering best results to our clients for Personal Investigations (like Pre/Post Matrimonial Investigation, Cheating Spouse Investigation, and Loyalty Test etc.) and Corporate Investigations (like Employee Background Check, Debugging, Asset Verification, Insurance Claim Investigations etc.)

City Intelligence is Known for its:
Affordable Private Investigation Services
24 Hours & 7 Days Week Availability
Both Male & Female Operatives
Completely Confidential & Discrete
Latest Modern Surveillance Technology
Helping People in Finding Truth from last 22 Years
Very High Success Closure Rate with Detailed Reports

City Intelligence is here to help you & serve you, No need to feel shy about sharing your budget with us. Else there is a chance of higher investigation bills beyond your expectations.

For City Intelligence Detective Agency, every case is unique in itself, which means we have to take every case in a different way and accordingly pricing may vary depend on the time & efforts spent during the investigation. At City Intelligence Detective Agency we do our best to bring the truth & required facts in front of you within your budget. We are there with you at every step, till we complete your case.

Are you looking for a Detective Agency in Delhi/NCR to conduct a background check for your partner or are you suspicious about your partner’s behaviour and want his loyalty check? City Intelligence is here to offer you highly professional investigation services with 100% Secrecy & Discretion in both domestic & international locations.

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Best Private Detective Agency in Delhi

Delhi, India’s capital territory is well known for its history and its role as a commercial and cultural hub in this country. If you are in need of a professional and adept private investigation service in Delhi, then your next destination should be CITY INTELLIGENCE PVT. LTD. Let’s have a look into what City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. is all about and why you should opt its services.

We, City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. are a private investigation agency and our speciality lies in personal as well as corporate investigation of all types. In more than two decades of experience, we have grown and faced many challenges in our profession to be an investigation agency with firm determination standing in a prime position.

Supported By Strong Team And Resources

We have a dedicated team, a mixture of talented as well as experienced minds, who have been a member of law enforcement agencies.
If we use technology in the right way, we can create nothing less than wonders. City Intelligence believes that in order to be successful, one should move forward with the changing times. That is why modern and updated technology is used for all its investigative procedures. Our investigation strategies are supported by current and up-to-date gadgets to fulfill our tasks effectively and efficiently.

Transparent And Reasonable Charges

We, City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. provide transparent pricing to our clients during consultation before starting our investigation process. Our charges are formulated on the basis of time and resources involved for a particular investigation.

Our Pillars Of Successful Performance

Integrity &

Some may consider ignoring their suspicions, rather than uncovering the truth but ignorance cannot bring peace forever. One has to face the truth sooner or later, so why not now?
..The moment you have the suspicion is the moment to act..

Private Detective Services
Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Pre Matrimonial Investigation

City Intelligence Detective Agency is offering you highly discrete & confidential pre matrimonial investigation services in Delhi, India & helping you to take right decision by verifying all the details and information given to you by the other family for the marriage purpose.

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Divorce Case Investigation

Divorce Case Investigation

It’s really a tough time when you plan to go for filing divorce with your partner. Before you make accusations or serve your partner with legal paper, you need to get prepared first. Hire our investigation services to help you collect evidence and proofs related to infidelity.

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Cheating Partner Surveillance

Cheating Partner Surveillance

Is your partner cheating on you? Hire our professional investigation services to unveil the truth behind. Before taking such suspect you must observe clear changes in your partner’s behaviour like time spent with you, sudden increase in work hours or meetings, hidden expenses etc.

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Missing Person Investigation

Missing Person Investigation

City Intelligence detective agency can help you to locate a missing person weather your relative, child, debtor or person of your business interest. We have access to huge database like domestic & international and our highly trained professional will search for the missing person.

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Background Verification

Background Verification

Background verification is simply gathering the information about the past of the person, or in simple words, it involves obtaining the history of the person, in order to know more about him. It may involve obtaining just the brief details about the person.

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Cyber Crime Investigation

Cyber Crime Investigation

The internet today is a treasure trove of information and technological advancement has made it accessible from every nook and corner of our country. Development of sophisticated and highly refined search engines has made information available to anyone.

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Corporate Detective Services
Pre Employment Investigation

Pre Employment Investigation

City Intelligence Detective Agency in Delhi providing completely discrete and confidential Pre/Post employment investigation services at very affordable prices. Every organisation must protect them through verifying details of key employees. We are specialist in pre-employment screening, criminal record checks, reference checks, employment checks & education verification.

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Asset Verification

Asset Verification

City Intelligence Detective Agency in Delhi offers highly professional Asset Verification services. Asset verification can be done for both individual cases and commercial cases. It is done in mostly cases for litigation support, recovery of debt or loan etc. This process involves background check, workplace surveillance, business & financial background etc.

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Post Employment Investigation

Post Employment Investigation

In India very few companies understands the value of post employment verification. Workplace investigation plays really crucial role and protect your organisation from lots of risks. We cover following issue during our Post Employment Investigations: Internal theft, employee negligence, sabotage, competitor interference, substance abuse, information theft etc.

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Bug Sweep Detection

Bug Sweep Detection

Are you bugged? Are you at risk of compromising your privacy? Call City Intelligence The professional Bug Sweep Detective Agency protects your organisation from leaking of crucial business information. We are specialize detective agency in Bug Sweeping, TSCM sweep, RF Bug Detection, Corporate Espionage, anti surveillance services in Delhi, India.

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Insurance Fraud Investigation

Insurance Fraud Investigation

Today you will come across with several insurance related to frauds and it is quite common these days. The medium and small scale companies are victimized by these types of frauds.

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Copyright Infringement Investigation

Copyright Infringement Investigation

City Intelligence is one of the foremost and best Copyright & Patent Solution in Inida . As we have an experienced investigation teams which are able to trap the suspected activities.

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Our Investigation Process

Our Investigation Approach & Intelligence Method

City Intelligence Detective Agency is committed to providing you complete confidential investigation services. For this, we use to follow our proven methodology. First, we understand your concerns and objectives behind the investigation and offer you solutions in the time bound manner. All of our personal investigations are conducted under the guidance Mr. Rajeev Kumar (CEO):- General Secretary of (Association of Professional Detectives & Investigators) to protect the integrity of the investigation, and are conducted with 100% discretion, confidentiality and acquiescence with all applicable laws.

100% Confidentiality, Discretion & Protection

City Intelligence (The Clue Hunters) Detective Agency in Delhi, India knows the importance and concerns of our clients. We stick to ethics and morals of the investigation. We keep all our client & investigator discussions confidential and maintain very strict and high level of privacy. We proud of our team for following the strict practice of safeguarding all the information gathered during all stages of the investigation process. As a professional, we understand the consequences of leaking or releasing of any of the information related to our client or investigation process. Individual rights and obligations pertaining to both clients and subjects are identified and respected from the first contact through to the final report submission, even after that.

Case Analysis

Case Analysis

Defining Your Concerns
Assessing Your Concerns
Developing Investigation plans
Setting up the process and committing time & resources

Investigation Strategy

Investigation Strategy

Examining The Present Information & Identifying The Key Issues & Supporting Evidence
Searching & Finding Missing information
Planning The Selective Research Areas
Identifying & Interviewing the Key Individuals

Intelligence Gathering

Intelligence Gathering

Understanding The Key Evidence
Assessing The Collected Evidence
Networking & profile model
Assisting Lawyers with Fact Findings
Reviewing Preliminary Facts & Findings
Assessing The Ongoing Case Investigation Strategy With Client

Reporting To Clients

Reporting To Clients

Interpreting Collected Facts & Findings Along With Their Implications
Confronting The Underlying Assumptions
Preparing Summaries, Schedules, Charts Based On Observation
Reporting With Expert Opinion(s), Relevant Findings & Supporting data
Accumulating & Presenting Relevant Facts & Evidences

Resolution Of Case

Resolution Of Case

Accessing The Alternative Findings
Helping Clients With Final Negotiation & Settlement
Developing Reports With Facts To Support In Council
Preparing The Authoritative Evidence

What Makes Us Best Detective Agency

City Intelligence never believes in giving up any investigation, till we find the real truth. Our team treats you and your case with lots of care with genuine pricing.

Trustworthy, qualified & trained Agents
Fair pricing with no hidden cost
Determined & Focused investigators who know how to find the truth

City Intelligence, the best Detective Agency in Delhi, offers all types of personal and commercial investigations. We are specialised in Pre Matrimonial Investigations, Cheating Spouse Investigations, Employee Verification, Debugging and Tracing Missing Person. Our detective agents are highly trained, discreet and professional. They won’t leave any stone unturned. Are you looking for trustworthy Detective Agency in Delhi, contact our experts now!

  • Discretion
    • We keep our eyes completely discreet. We always make sure that the person of your interest, who is under our surveillance or his any known one becomes aware of our investigation process. Every bit of information collected during our investigation is kept fully discrete and confidential.
  • Professionals, not amateurs
    • Team of highly professional private investigators in Delhi, City Intelligence Detective Agents are members of the Association of Private Detectives & Investigators- India. Our agents are fully trained and accredited under the guidance of experts. We are 100% committed towards our client’s cases and find the facts and evidences required.
      Our team always abide the laws and the keep the privacy of all parties involved. We won’t do anything unprofessional, unsafe or illegal. We value honesty and reliability in all our work.
  • Transparent pricing
    • City Intelligence Detective Agency in Delhi/India offers transparent pricing during consultation before starting our investigation process. Once we give you a quote is the final quote. There are no hidden costs, ever. If you share your budget before investigation, then it will help us to don’t go beyond your budget during the investigation process.
      We provide time to time reports for all the developments and progress related to the case. Sometimes extra efforts required because of unavoidable circumstances, which can increase your investigation budget, but we will always confirm with you before proceeding ahead. We keep it transparent and let our client knows where your money is going and you will always be in charge.
  • Driven By Results
    • City Intelligence Detective Agency is known for our high success rates by delivering desirable outcomes with our investigations for clients. We have created bench by achieving around 93% of success rate for other detective agencies in Delhi and pan India. We take pride in ourselves, as we don’t only uncover the truth and bring facts out; we also managed to do it in a right time frame.
  • A Personal Touch
    • We believe in building long lasting relationships with our clients and keep on serving them with personal and commercial types of cases. Every client got the tailor made investigation steps, as each and every case have different circumstances, location and people involved in it. We offer complete care and consideration in every case and client regardless of issues, circumstances surrounding their cases.
  • We never give up
    • City Intelligence has a reputation and track record of never giving up on any case irrespective of the circumstance. We never consider an investigation finished until we find every single fact and evidence associated with the case. Try us if you are not happy with the previous investigation done by someone else.

      Our team calls on a wide range of special resources and knowledge in their investigations. They have the experience and determination to find hidden information. We thoroughly check and triple check our findings before presenting them, so you can rely on the results.

How Much Does Detective Agency Cost?

First, you need to understand the costs involved in investigation & it helps you to get the fair deal.

Learn about the cost involved in the investigation.
Try to ask various investigation agencies for getting the better idea.
Avoid cheap operators they can spoil your case.

Almost all of you first thing which comes to your mind before choosing a private detective agency in Delhi is the price. This can leads you towards the bitter experience associated with their non-professional investigation services. The fact is hiring a skilled and professional detective can be expensive. The discrete and professional investigation requires latest modern spy equipment & technology along with lots of efforts. So we suggest you do a little bit of research on what your actual needs are, how much they going to cost you.

Learn what investigation costs are involved

There are three basic types of investigation fees offered by City Intelligence.
1. We can charge you Hourly Rates. Depends on the type of service, e.g. finding missing people.
2. We will charge you on the basis of Mileage fees. If investigation in your case involves following a person, then you will be going to charge on the basis of per kilometre and on top of it, the standard hourly rates will apply. Mileage is usually charged from a call out location.
3. Incidental or Situational Charges. Sometimes circumstances and situations will create certain types of scenarios, where we have to go beyond your investigation budget as discussed for your case. But we will inform you first before preceding such actions.

As a Professional investigator, we will help you to learn about the pricing involved during your case’s investigation and didn’t surprise you with more of hidden charges.

Some questions to ask your investigator agency about costs involved in your case: You must get clear answers before you proceed with a Detective Agency in Delhi.

1. Services you might need during the investigation of your case and for how long it will be required!
2. The cost involved during investigation & asking for a professional quote!
3. How to deal or proceed if extra cost incurred during the investigation?
4. Is there any money refund policy or commitment?

Choosing a Professional & Reliable Investigator Never choose a detective agency in Delhi solely on the basis of pricing they quote.

It is observed that some non-professional enters the market and offering services at very cheap rates. Remember it’s not a TOM DICK & HARRY profile. In the end, you will get for what you paid. So choose them wisely don’t be fooled by them because of their cut prices. At City Intelligence we have solved many of such cases, and help people who had a bitter experience with such non-reliable agencies. You need not worry now, as you are on a right destination. Call us and consult with our experts to get a fair idea about costing involved and services offered. This will give you a fair idea and helps you to learn the process involved in the investigation. This knowledge will give you the confidence to choose the right investigation agency for your case.

We are here to help you

At City Intelligence Detective Agency in Delhi, we understand that hiring a detective agency is a tough decision for you. As it involves lots money spent along with emotions & feelings which force you to go to a detective agency. We offer you a transparent pricing and also seek your permission prior to going for any extra cost involved. We work hard with ethics and integrity to unfold the truth you need to know.
If you are willing to learn more about our pricing and process, contact us on +91-9811510888 or write us at

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What is mystery shopping and how can it help businesses

Mystery shopping is a term used to describe a field-based research technique to gather specific information about product quality, service delivery and compliance with regulation. It can be undertaken either by companies or organizations themselves or by market research companies and watchdog organizations like City Intelligence ( which is a private investigation agency in Delhi) working on behalf of their clients. Mystery shopping is being widely used by retailers, restaurants, furniture stores, supermarkets, banks, fast food outlets, hotels, health clubs, grocery stores, movie theaters, bars and almost any business where customer service is important.

Who are Mystery Shoppers

The person deployed to perform these tasks is known as mystery shopper or a secret shopper. He or she poses as a customer to gather information on the establishment being evaluated. The mystery shopper’s identity and purpose are generally hidden from the organization being studied. The task of the mystery shopper includes functions like purchasing a product, asking questions, making and noting observations, behaving in a certain way, and providing a detailed report on the establishment about his experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring City Intelligence is the only call you’ll ever have to make. We guarantee the professionalism of all our staff, and pride ourselves on our reputation to deliver the best possible results for all of our Clients.

  • I’m a 35 year old Woman and I aspire to be a detective, but my family members are not very happy with my choice. How should I convince them. Kindly help.
    • Women should take detective training compulsorily, because they can keep themselvessafe to a lot of extent from the increasing crime against women in our country because whenever something uncertain happens in their life, whether it’s related to their marriage or business, they have to be dependent on their parents, their better half or on the opinion of others. Many times, they lose hope and get depressed due to this, which also affects their married life and kids. Kindly explain this to your family that a detective works within legal parameters. How to keep yourself save while working is also taught in the training. You can also give them the examples of India’s famous lady detectives like Bhawna Paliwal, Rajni Pandit. You can find information about them on the Internet. Despite being married, they are so successful in their career. You can also be an example like them. After the training is done, you’ll realise how you can work smoothly by ensuring your safety as well. You can also assure you family that you will use these tricks for your own safety and when you realise you’ve become perfect in this, you can practice it as a Profession.
  • Which legal parameters should an ideal Private detective keep in mind while doing Investigation?
    • The first thing that a Private detective should keep in mind is why is his services being used. He should ensure his client’s identity. For ex: If a person says that he is Usha’s brother and wants to keep a check on her activities, then he has to actually prove that he is Usha’s brother and is doing so for the sake of Usha’s good. He should also ask the client to issue an authority letter. A detective should understand his client’s intentions and make sure that he is a bonafide client. Secondly, he should make sure that whatever job is assigned to him, is done within the legal parameters. Thirdly, he should take careif the assigned job comes in the jurisdiction of the private detective or not. If police is investigating a particular case then he cannot destroy their evidences, nor he can do any kind of tampering with the evidences. So these are some of the things which a private detective should keep in mind while conducting investigation.
  • Is it compulsory to have an office to start your own work after doing this course?
    • To start any work, you need to have a place of your own. It can either be your residence for which you need to get associated with some of the detective agencies which can help you by giving you work as a freelancer. You can also enhance your work by creating your company’s website on the Internet. You should also get your website registered.
  • Do you think that if people will use more services of detectives then crime rate will or can go down?
    • There are many reasons to hire a private detective. Their main role is to extract information. Let’s assume that you are a businessman and your business is doing good but you never know what your competitors are upto. Then, a setup of internal vigilance is mandatory so that you make sure that your employees aren’t harming you internally by leaking your useful information & documents. Because police will only be involved when a crime or any kind of fraud will happen. But in private and corporate life, this investigation would help in preventing the crime beforehand.
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