Looking for a better way to know about your business’s customer service? Search no more, as here is mystery shopping service!


Mystery shopping is a way to gather information about the operations of your business outlet. It is a technique of investigation to verify the various aspects of your business unit. Questions about actual experience of customers in your absence, staff performance, price &quality of the service provided by your business unit etc. can be answered through conducting Mystery shopping service.
Scope of this investigation depends upon the needs of each and every client and their business enterprise.


  • Telephonic enquiry
  • Visitation process (Physical visit to the target location)
  • Observation and discrete collection of data through our skills and expertise
  • Preparation of report as per our experience, in the assigned format.
  • Presentation of report with adequate evidence (pictures/ videos)
All these steps are conducted within the pre-discussed time limit.


  • Helps to understand the needs and expectations of customers.
  • Helps to train the staff members as per the customer needs
  • Helps to realize the current shortcomings in the functioning of business enterprise.
  • Helps to gain an unbiased viewpoint about the business enterprise.
  • Helps to protect the brand value of business enterprise in the long run.
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Our Mystery Shopping Investigation Process

Looking for a better way to know about your business’s customer service? Search no more, as here is mystery shopping service!

  • Case Analysis: -
    Client’s case will be properly analyzed and understood on all aspects. Every crucial point will be taken into consideration to form a clear and precise sketch about the elements involved in a case. During mystery shopping service, every detail about the client’s enterprise will be noted to conduct the investigation effectively.
  • Investigation Strategy : -
    After accurately understanding the requirements of client, we will formulate an investigation strategy to conduct the process of our investigation. Our strategy will vary upon the individual situation of each and every case. Overall time limit will be taken into account while creating a strategy.
  • Intelligence Gathering : -
    Intelligence gathering will be primarily based upon the factors involved in a case. Mystery shopping service usually involves various steps like telephonic enquiry to direct visitation to the targeted location so as to gather intelligence regarding the operations and customer service of an enterprise. Our operations will be goal oriented, time oriented and confidential to ensure maximum success and utmost client satisfaction.
  • Report To Clients : -
    Business enterprises can suggest us a uniform format to collect the relevant data or in other cases, we can also deliver our findings in our own format to present our report. Adequate photographs & videos from our investigation will be attached as well with the report to provide necessary evidence to our clients. Our report will be transparent, unbiased and well defined to provide a clear cut idea about the investigation conducted.
  • Resolution Of Case : -
    Conclusions from the case will be drawn so that the client can understand the exact status of their requirements & suspicions. Fulfillment of the client requirement as per the pre-conducted discussion and meetings marks the resolution of a case.

Why to choose city intelligenge for mystery shopping services ?

Through our pre-discussion with the client, we make a point to understand the whole criteria for this investigation and then we design a plan to fulfill the end goals of our client within the available time frame for this investigation. City Intelligence gives utmost importance to maintenance of confidentiality of the investigation at every point. Our mystery shoppers will fulfill our client’s objectives with accuracy and perfection so that they can get a clear & honest picture about the working of your business outlet and take corrective actions ifneeded. This is how; our mystery shopping service will benefit all the clients.



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