A well established corporate entity was concerned about the overall security of their business as they feared that important conversations from their board meetings were being leaked. They believed that the price decided by them for upcoming tenders was eaves dropped by their competitors and was also being used against them.


To find out whether confidential information about our client was being leaked through secret devices.


In order to achieve our objective, we needed to use TSCM (Technical surveillance countermeasures) which is also called electronic sweeping or debugging. Our experts scanned the office premises, company vehicles and phones used by our client. Some other articles like table, chairs, book shelf etc. were also thoroughly scanned through electronic and manual procedures. On our investigation, we found that a high quality voice recorder was planted in the company. Not only that, we also found two other spots from where the secret devices were removed after extracting private information about the company. On further investigation, we also found the informer who planted those devices in the office area.


We eventually eliminated those secret devices from the office premises. After that incident, whenever an important meeting was about to be conducted, the debugging service was used and the board room was sealed properly so as to preserve the confidentiality of business organisation. It will not be wrong to say that using the debugging service has greatly improved the overall structure of our client’s business firm.

TSCM/electronic sweeping/debugging is not unnecessary. It is just another step to ensure confidentiality



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