City Intelligence: Ensuring Proper Notification - Process Serving (Legal & Litigation Investigation)

The foundation of a strong legal case relies on proper notification of legal proceedings. City Intelligence, Delhi’s trusted private investigation agency, provides efficient and reliable Process Serving to ensure your legal documents are delivered according to court requirements.

Why Choose City Intelligence for Process Serving?

  • Guaranteed Results:
    Our experienced process servers prioritize successful delivery, employing proven strategies to locate and serve individuals even in challenging circumstances.
  • Nationwide Reach:
    We possess the resources and network to effectively serve documents throughout India.
  • Strict Adherence to Legal Protocol:
    Our team ensures all services comply with legal guidelines and court rules.
  • Detailed Documentation:
    We provide comprehensive affidavits of service, documenting the date, time, location, and recipient of service for each delivery.

How Does City Intelligence's Process Serving Work?

Our process serving procedure is designed for efficiency and accuracy:

1. Case Intake and Consultation:

We discuss your case details and the individuals who need to be served.

2. Skip Tracing (if necessary):

If the whereabouts of the subject are unknown, our investigators can employ skip tracing techniques to locate them.

3. Delivery Attempts:

Our process servers make diligent attempts to deliver documents to the intended recipient at their residence or workplace.

4. Alternative Service Methods (when applicable):

When personal service is not possible, we explore alternative methods authorized by law, such as serving a family member or leaving documents at the individual's dwelling.

5. Affidavit of Service:

Upon successful service, a detailed affidavit is prepared, documenting the details of the delivery process for court submission.

Beyond Basic Process Serving:

In addition to standard process serving, City Intelligence offers additional services to support your legal proceedings:

  • Stakeout and Surveillance:
    Our team can conduct discreet surveillance to locate individuals who are deliberately avoiding service.
  • Witness Location:
    We can assist in locating witnesses necessary for your case.
  • Document Retrieval:
    We can retrieve essential documents from various sources on your behalf.

Benefits of Choosing City Intelligence:

  • Peace of Mind:
    Our reliable process serving ensures your legal case proceeds without delays due to improper service.
  • Timely Delivery:
    We prioritize swift delivery, minimizing disruptions to your legal timeline.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions:
    Our competitive rates offer excellent value for the service provided.
  • Professionalism and Discretion:
    Our team maintains the utmost professionalism and discretion throughout the process.

Ensure Proper Notification with City Intelligence

Don’t let improper service put at risk your legal case. Contact City Intelligence today to discuss your process serving needs and experience the difference of our efficient and reliable service.

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