Advancement in technology transforming private investigation service

When you look around yourself, what do you see? Mobile phones have taken the place of telephones, desktop computers have been replaced by laptops and tablets, online shopping is being preferred by those who don’t have time to physically visit the shops, we are catching up with friends and close ones who are miles away through video calls.

Yes, that’s right advancement in technology has been creating a big change in this world. Technology has improved in a remarkable way in all these years to make our lifestyle simpler and more comfortable. 

Not only our regular activities but development in technology has also transformed the way of operation in several professions too. Let’s have a look at how technology has made an impact in the profession of “Private Investigation”.

As private investigators, we know that people are moving ahead with technology and riding the wave of the internet, so it makes sense for us to be technologically progressive too in order to fulfill the requirements of our clients in an efficient way.

Here are some of the areas of private investigation which have been developed due to the use of technology. Let’s have a look.

Identifying vehicle location through GPS:-

Under the profession of private investigation, tailing a target for the purpose of surveillance is complicated and risky, but the use of GPS (Global Positioning System) makes it much more convenient and safe for private investigators. GPS is a navigating system to know exact details regarding location, speed, and other particulars of a vehicle. There are many reasons to use this kind of tracking system. One may keep an eye on valuable shipments or track the route taken by a stolen vehicle or supervise the route taken by a company vehicle by using GPS. There has been a rise in its usage during recent years even though it has been in existence since the early 1970s. Thus, we can say that GPS is one of the wonderful technological inventions and a reliable asset for private investigators as it provides information about the location & other details regarding the target vehicle with accuracy which saves a huge amount of time and eliminates the need to take extensive physical efforts.

Knowing background information through internet search:-

The Internet has been one of the greatest blessings of this generation. The information which had to be gathered from written sources in a huge amount of time can be easily obtained through online (internet) search and that too within a short duration of time.  

Are you wondering that how is this helpful for private investigators?

Ok, so as we already know, the profession of a private investigator has many elements. There are a number of instances when the investigator has to know about the background details of the person in question. During those instances, the investigator can easily gather necessary information through a comprehensive online search. 

If searched properly through trusted websites, results can be gathered in a short while, and that too without compromising on the accuracy. It can’t be said that by conducting an online search, there will be no need at all to perform any kind of physical inquiry in the investigation process but it is true that by searching online, investigators can complete their task in a significantly lower amount of time with fewer efforts as compared to time and efforts involved in the complete physical search. 

Digital voice  recorder:

These days, digital voice recorders are very popular devices to be used by private investigators. As the name suggests, through this device one can record the information in the form of audio. Their small size with a simple display makes them a perfect gadget to be used in a discreet way. There are many digital voice recorders in the market with useful features like built-in-batteries, sufficient memory to store recordings, scheduling & timers, data encryption, and most importantly, excellent sound quality. This device is one of the best choices for monitoring purposes under private investigation. 

Hidden cameras:

Hidden cameras are also one of the extraordinary gifts of advanced technology and a great help in the life of private investigators. For the purpose of surveillance under investigation process, hidden cameras are excellent gadgets to be used to keep an eye on the target environment. These cameras can be easily disguised in articles like pen, glasses, shirt, watch, etc, and can get visual results at a high resolution too. 

So, these were some of the technological advancements and their impact on the profession of private investigation. 

Isn’t it amazing to see that how they have transformed the life of private investigators by providing their incredible features for regular usage? 

We, City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. are a skilled and reliable service provider specialized in both personal & corporate investigation, and Yes! Our investigation process does involve the use of these marvelous gadgets which have been mentioned above. 

So, if you are looking for an experienced, proficient, trust-worthy, and tech-savvy private investigation agency in India of our time then contact us right now!!

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