Are you concerned about the safety of your Mobile Phone?

Advancement in technology has made several changes to the way we live. When we think about improvement in technology or technological progress, we may think about words like convenience, comfort, sophistication, easiness etc. We remember all these words because by advancement in technology, we only focus on its positives. It is true that improvement in technology provides multitude of benefits but with all these factors, it is important to remember about another important term called “safety”.

In this day and age, it is extremely important to make sure that the technology we are using for every single task is safe and secure. It shouldn’t endanger our privacy in any way.

Let’s look into mobile phones. Mobile phones are a well known device in this 21st century. It is not just used for calling & texting but also acts as a doorway to connect with the entire world. Thus, it is needless to say that due to such a huge dependency on this device for various purposes, it is necessary to make sure that our personal information from mobiles remain confidential to us and not become a public display.

Mobile phones are vulnerable to be attacked by hackers to gain unauthorized access into our private data. These hackers know that by gaining access into to the system of our mobile phone they can access a piece of our life’s most guarded details.

There must be times when you may have heard that someone among your friend or from your social circle clicked a link from an unknown mobile number or from an anonymous email id and that one mistake helped the hackers to steal their entire bank & credit card details within a flash. It is really concerning that how these things have become more and more common around us.

Using spy softwares, Bluetooth hacking, SIM card swapping, phishing emails & text messages consisting misleading links are some of the common ways through which hackers gain access into the system of mobile phones.

On gaining control of the mobile phone system, they can do a lot more to harm the identity and privacy of the individual and not just possess the financial details. They can access personal photographs, videos and mobile phone owner’s contact list, turn on the microphone to listen private conversations, get access to control the camera of the phone to monitor the person, know about the location through GPS and they can also take the identity of the mobile phone owner as well to commit further crimes while staying hidden behind a different identity. It is quite distressing to think about, isn’t it?

Don’t worry, every problem can be solved if you have an expert to help you out!

It is important to move ahead with times, but it shouldn’t be done by compromising on safety and security. Therefore, City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. is offering you its services to check your mobile phones. Through this service, you can find out whether your mobile phone is hacked or protected.

If you have are facing:-                                                                    

  • quick reduction of battery in your mobile phones,
  • presence of unknown apps in your mobile phone which you had never downloaded before,
  • Unusual amount of increase in the usage of your mobile data,
  • Odd text messages or phone calls, which you didn’t make

Or any other sign being shown by your mobile phone that seems strange to you, then reach out to City Intelligence.

It is better to act towards solving the problem than remaining in doubt forever, isn’t it? City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. is here for you to find the reason behind your suspicion.

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