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Having great experience to resolve all unknown mysteries, City Intelligence is here to respond to all of your issues within few seconds. Our focused and professional team works individually and in groups to answer any sort of problem. No matter, it is pre and post-marital investigations, verification of the legal document, or any other sort of investigation, they work as the best detective agency in India. The presence of the intelligent and professional team worked out in a systematic way to collect more proof. The team collects the right proof to match them up mutually to get the clear result that too within the specific time.

Solving Issues Quickly

For our tremendous professional job and outstanding results of about a thousand cases in the last few years, City Intelligence has been counted on the list of top detective agencies working in India. To date, the team has solved thousand of the cases previously in different parts of the country. Thus, location is not a big problem with us.

Covering Different Services

Best detective agencies offer services in different fields which include private detective agency, private detective eye, a private detective for background examination, pre and post-marital investigations, cybersecurity crime investigations, missing person investigations, criminal record finding, sting operations, divorce case investigations, pre, and post-employment verification among others.

Proper Analysis and Investigation

To keep the information of the customer secret, we are loyal to our customers. We esteem their secrecy and the problem that they have the right to maintain their information secret in a different aspect. The agency constantly follows up the rules and always sticks to what we have assured. As these services are available for the whole of India, they rightly answer special needs and demands. The cases differ as per the needs of the clients. In the process of the case, it is essential to have comprehensive analysis and investigation of the linked documents and details.

Use the Advanced Equipment

The requirement of consulting the best detective investigator is also completed personal to the client and this too is not common with anybody of the objects of the client. The things that get complete in completely private conditions. We will maintain everything in confidence for maintaining safe and secure information. Video equipment, audio and photographic are commonly used equipment by detectives to perform different sorts of background and verification checks. All the operations are completed by keeping great confidentiality and secrecy.

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