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Panipat has a special place in the history of India. Famous for its handloom production all over the world, this city is also known as “City of Weavers” and in this city, if you require the services of a seasoned private investigator capable of providing excellent personal and corporate investigative services, contact City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd.

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Everybody has a specialization and proficiency in certain areas. There are some detective agencies, which focus only on some specific areas like matrimonial investigation, insurance frauds, corporate intelligence etc. and there are some detective agencies which involves all these segments of investigation to operate. City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. is proficient in conducting both personal and corporate investigation of all types.

There can a variety of reasons for a person to hire a private detective. Individuals  & various business units seek our investigative services due to the following features:-

  • Well experienced in the area of private investigation:-

According to Albert Einstein,“ The only source of knowledge is experience” . City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. has been dealing in personal and corporate investigation from more than two decades. We are capable of handling our  cases with great finesse by using our vast experience in this field and if the situation requires, we are also capable of creating new and innovative ways to solve the same problem.

  • 100% discretion and confidentiality ensured:- 

If you are worried about the safety and security of your personal details, then please don’t. You can trust us as, Total confidentiality is the key word for us.

  • Affordable charges:-

We take many factors into consideration while setting our service charges. Mainly we involve the amount of resources as well as efforts spent by us and of course the scenario of the case for setting up our charges. You can talk about your budget with us at pre-scheduled meeting, so that we can discuss about it and reach a common point, agreeable for both of us.

  • High success rate:-

City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. has excellent performance track. Our persistent determination, ingenuity, integrity, our dedication and passion towards our profession are the secrets behind our high success rate.

  • Latest technology used for surveillance & other investigative procedures:-

We, at City Intelligence involve modern gadgets  and latest innovations in our investigations. Due to advancement in technology, the ability to solve cases has drastically improved. Long and complicated procedures can be completed in few minutes by using appropriate technology and that’s what we do here.

Reliability, Dependability & Trust- worthiness, all these words  express the same meaning and they are very important to be acquired by a service provider in order to connect with the clients. City Intelligence has been proving itself from time to time, that it is worthy of your trust and confidence. That is why, we have been able to associate with a large network of clients. City Intelligence provides services for pan-India and international enquiries at reasonable charges. We hope to continue our journey in this field with the same undying passion and enthusiasm.

Every building needs a pillar for support, to stay strong and steady and to carry the weight of the whole building. Mr. Rajeev Kumar (Managing Director) of City Intelligence is that pillar. His talent, skills and dedication are the ones, which have lifted the City Intelligence to the place that it enjoys today. His outstanding credentials and experience make him, one among the brilliant detectives that we have today.

So, as we have already mentioned personal and corporate investigation of all types, lies under our areas of excellence.

Under personal investigation, we cover all the important issues, which may concern one’s personal life and require investigation service to be solved. If you are – getting married and want to verify the details  about your partner; already married and confused about the strange behavior of your partner; in need of skilled and experienced professionals to verify the trust & loyalty of your closed ones; going through a divorce and want to hire trained professionals in this area to investigate about proof; in need of professional services to find someone close to you who has gone missing or if you want to verify the personality of a person and check the details regarding his social life style, debts and credits, affairs & liaisons etc, City Intelligence is the right place for you. You can reach us via email or phone and discuss about your requirement with us.

As we have already mentioned, Panipat also serves as the leading handloom producer of our country. So, you can understand that , people over here give utmost importance to their professional life, as much as they give to their personal life. Under Corporate investigation, we conduct different types of investigation like bug sweep detection, asset verification & due diligence, pre and post employment investigation, insurance fraud verification, crime scene interpretation, risk assessment, employee cheating and theft cases, gathering expert opinion on fingerprint and handwriting, forensic science services and one of the new and most popular service “Mystery shopping”. These services are demanded by corporations and business units to not become a prey of the immoral schemes and unfair strategies of their competitors from their profession. 

So, the next time you think about obtaining professional investigative services with good quality and reliable performance, reach out to City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd.

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