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We live in a digital age where information is easily available through online clicks & searches, but it also raises certain questions regarding confidentiality, security and protection from online theft and misuse.

With an expansion in the internet usage across the world, there is also a shocking increase in the number of internet related crimes. Let’s look into the word “cyber- crime”.

What is a cyber-crime?

Cybercrime is associated with the terms “computer network” and “information technology”. A cyber-criminal manipulates or steals personal data in digital mode in order to achieve personal gain. Cybercrimes involve computer system, mobile phone or any such device which can be a part of digital network. The digital data can be misused to threaten the target & to conduct fraudulent activities. Here, the target may be an individual, an organization or a government.

Cybercrime may take any form. Hacking, identity theft, Phishing, Pornography, Scams & virus attacks, Cyber stalking & defamation are some of the forms of cybercrime.

Whatever may be its form, cybercrimes have the potential to create huge negative impact in the life of the target. To deal with such a situation, you need professionals who are well-experienced with exceptional skills in this subject of cybercrime.

How can City Intelligence help you out?

We understand this issue and that’s why, our City Intelligence team is composed of one of the best IT experts, forensic experts and investigators who can assess and analyse each and every data in the digital form to pinpoint the actual source of the crime and after that we will also provide measures to protect your computer network from such cyber-attacks in the future.

Yes, along with identifying & securing the digital data, it is equally vital to take significant measures for protecting the digital data by employing efficient policies and procedures. As an experienced professional, we know that a crime like this needs to be investigated with a well-organized structure, so that every crucial element involved in this is given due consideration.

Why should you opt for our service?

We analyse the client’s computer system and network to identify the vulnerabilities and look for the data captured so that proper steps can be taken to strengthen security in the computer system and the IT infrastructure victimized in this. Our risk assessment procedures are beneficial to secure and update all the concerned areas.

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