Top Detective Agency in Chandigarh, Punjab

Top Detective Agency in Chandigarh

India is filled with beautiful cities which have picturesque landscape and impressive architecture, Chandigarh is one of them. It is a beautiful product of modern architecture and meticulous planning. There are many marvellous things about this city like its cleanliness, its scenic beauty and magnificent roundabouts.

detectives in chandigarh

Now, if you do discuss about Chandigarh, you have one new topic to consider “City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd.” The Best Private Detective Agency in Chandigarh.

You are right, we are providing our investigative services in Chandigarh and we do hope that you would reach out to us, if you are in need of skilled, capable and seasoned investigative services. We live in a society, where there are some people who still believe in honesty and have ethical code of conduct. In the meanwhile, there are also certain people who try to lead their life by adopting immoral behaviour and they can go to any extend to fulfil their selfish desires. If we follow news we can see that, every day there is someone or other, who becomes a victim of cheating, scams, frauds, and extortion etc. So, you can see that it is really necessary to take precautions, before networking with a stranger. This is the point, where City Intelligence comes to rescue. We deal with a number of clients, who want us to conduct a background check; our result from the investigation helps them to make important decisions. Identifying the possible threats and using professional investigative services, to deal with them is the first step on your part towards a better life and we do our part by, conducting a thorough background investigation on our subject, by using our expert knowledge & skills. This is how it works.

Our services are not limited to just one category of people; both individuals and corporate can use our investigative services. We believe that a personal requires peace & stability in both personal as well as professional life, then why shouldn’t our services cover both of them.

Therefore, our services can be divided into two broad areas.


Let’s look deeply into both of the above mentioned areas. As it is clearly evident, personal investigation covers all the issues concerning your personal life as an individual. Marriage is one of the important issues; which one usually deals with in their personal life. Taking the decision to marry a wrong person, can cause disastrous results ultimately causing deep pain and misery to an individual. That is why, City Intelligence offers Pre-Matrimonial investigation service.

detective agency in chandigarh

But, sometimes things aren’t always as you wish it to be. People can face certain issue like lack of trust etc. after marriage too. If you are married and looking for answers behind the suspicious activities of your partner, you can reach out to City Intelligence. We also provide post-matrimonial investigative service.

We also cover other services under personal investigation like missing person investigation, trust & loyalty check, divorce related proof investigation and personality verification where we assess social life styles, debts and credits, affairs & liaisons of the subject of our investigation.

If you are interested to use any of the above mentioned service, you can contact us through phone or email and make enquiries regarding your situation. We understand that if you are deciding to use the investigative services for the first time, you may have a lot of questions, number of doubts and hesitation to reach out to an outsider. You may worry about sharing your personal details with us. If that is the case, you should know that we give utmost importance to the needs and preferences of our clients, don’t worry as confidentiality is the keyword for us.

Let’s jump into the next area of our service, corporate investigation. Professionals should handle themselves according to the business ethics, but how many of them are doing so? Maybe you do, but can you speak for everybody? No, isn’t it? As we discussed above, some people can do anything to stay ahead and you should take certain precautions to not become their victim. Corporate should be extra careful while making new professional associations and while hiring new employees.  Therefore, City Intelligence provides a number of services under corporate investigation like asset verification, due diligence, employee theft investigation, risk assessment, insurance verification, forensic science services, fingerprint & handwriting expert opinion, pre & post employment investigation etc. Along with all this, we also provide one of the new service called “ Mystery shopping”, which is very popular among retailers, restaurants, banks, hotels, movie theatres, health clubs and almost in every business outlet, where you want to assess the quality of customer service.

Competition in business is good, only until it is fair. The minute it becomes unfair, surviving in the corporate world becomes a huge challenge. It is witnessed that, many business enterprises plants bugs in the work areas of their competitors, to gain advantage. Snooping and eavesdropping are unfair means to achieve success, that is why City Intelligence also provides technical surveillance counter-measures, which involves the debugging process. Under this process, we help our clients to be safe from becoming a victim of unethical & unprofessional competition.

So, at last we would like to say that we know our words may not convince you, but our actions would definitely do so. There is no point in knowing the possibility of threats and not taking any action to fix them. That is why; don’t wait, take a step forward and reach us if you are in need of professional investigative services. We will not disappoint.

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Best Detective Agency in Chandigarh

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