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If you are looking for investigative services provided by a reliable and professional   private detective agency in Rajkot, then City Intelligence is the right place for you to go.

 When we talk about private detective agencies, it is hard to ignore that there are several detective agencies in existence today. It is good that there number of alternatives to obtain investigative services but it also might arise a question in everyone’s mind that which detective agency must they choose in time of need? …what is best for them? …which investigative agency can fulfill their needs and provide utmost satisfaction?

If you are in need of investigative services, then you may be having these thoughts too… Isn’t it?

Don’t worry…. As an answer to all your doubts, we are going to provide a brief overview about ourselves.

Let’s see what City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. is all about and why you should give it a chance.

ABOUT CITY INTELLIGENCE:-                                                                           

City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. is a private detective agency. From more than two decades, we have been dealing with personal and corporate investigation of all types. Our level of performance and our continuous hard work has helped us to maintain a vast network of clients. We offer our services for pan- India & also for international enquiries at reasonable charges.


In this digital age, in order to grow in any profession, development of oneself according to the current situation is necessary. New and advanced technology if used in the right manner, can always serve as a friend for private detectives.

City Intelligence uses latest technology and gadgets available in the market in its investigations. On being assigned a task, we assess the case and the elements present in it, then we develop tactics to deal with it through the usage of our skills and technology in the best possible manner. 


The authority and management of this detective agency lies with Mr. Rajeev Kumar, who is one of the brilliant detectives of our time. He is duly trained in the area of private investigative services with an outstanding background completed with coveted membership of World Association of Detectives. His experience and credentials prove that City Intelligence is a detective agency, which you can completely trust without fear.


If you don’t want to reveal your identity and if you prefer to keep your identity private, it’s completely understandable and your decision will be supported by us.


 This was all about us and our working as a private detective agency. We know that to know about someone’s work and to trust their capabilities, actions are more effective than words. So, if you are in need of personal or corporate investigation, give us a chance to prove our competence and skills.


CONTACT NO: 011- 26107330, +91-9811510888 (24 x 7 availability),

E mail:

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