Why to choose City Intelligence?

We, City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. are one of the prime detective agencies of this day and age offering our investigative services in both personal as well as corporate investigation.

Yes, whether you are looking for a pre matrimonial check or trying to safeguard your office through debugging, every personal and corporate issue, which requires the touch of professional investigation, comes under our area of expertise. Our unique and creative approach towards the problems has helped us to build a large network of clients. One can achieve wonders with an open mind and that’s what we believe in City Intelligence too. Therefore, we employ innovative and out of the box thinking in our investigative methods.  We offer services for pan- India and also for international enquiries at reasonable charges.

You must have heard that direction determines destination. If you have someone to show you the right direction, you can ultimately reach your desired destination. The direction of City Intelligence is determined by our Managing director, Mr. Rajeev Kumar. Authority and management of City Intelligence lies with him and the achievements along with the laurels earned by City Intelligence are the indications of his incredible talent and capabilities as a private detective.

As we have already mentioned, dealing with personal and corporate investigation of all types is our speciality. We have been successfully handling this area from more than two decades. Both personal and corporate investigation covers a wide range of issues. Under personal investigation, we deal with a variety of cases like pre & post matrimonial investigation, missing person investigation, divorce related proof investigation and personality verification etc. Under corporate investigation, we cover the main work place issues, where we deal with pre & post employment verification, electronic sweeping & debugging, due diligence and asset verification etc. Both of these areas comes with its own set of challenges and although we have plenty of experience in handling these issues, we still try to look our every case with a fresh pair of eyes, because we believe that every new case from our clients brings out a wonderful opportunity to learn something new and different. Repeating same old school ways and conventional techniques cannot always be successful, different and innovative strategies helps us to bring out the best possible results in every situation, by this you can also say that City Intelligence likes to give its unique touch and individual attention to every case, it deals with.

If we are talking about innovation, then it is a point worth mentioning that today’s criminals have new and unique ways to indulge in the acts of theft and pilferage by using high tech gadgets, without causing any suspicion at all. Are you too becoming a victim of such fraudulent activities even without your own knowledge?

Don’t  worry, City Intelligence has a solution to deal with this effectively. We believe in using latest technology and updated gadgets in our investigation processes. Every day, a new innovative product is launched to make our life a little bit easier than yesterday. If people do take the help of technology to cheat others, we can take the help of the same technology for protection from them. We mean that we should be prepared to meet such unforeseen problems with more efficient technology. This is why, City Intelligence provides services regarding technical surveillance counter measures to corporates so that they can protect themselves and their firms from the risk of snooping and eavesdropping by their competitors.  This feature of City Intelligence can be very helpful for locations, where industrialization is at its peak today.

Marriage is one of the important decisions of life for many among us. We definitely don’t want to choose a life partner, whom we will regret for the rest of our lives. Then, how can someone take such a significant decision hastily, without thinking about consequences?

Even after getting to know about your prospective life partner, you should try to verify his/her details from a third party, to get an unbiased opinion. This is where; City Intelligence comes into the picture. We do provide pre- matrimonial investigation services, where we extract sufficient information about the prospective bride/ groom through our expert sources, so that you are able to take one of the most important decisions of your life with more surety & clarity and without risking anything. Not only this, there are many other vital services which are covered by us under personal investigation, which you can also check from our website.

So at this stage, it is quite clear that using services provided by a private detective agency in Delhi is just a way to solve the personal and corporate issues, with more easiness and convenience by using experienced and skilled professional investigators.

The examples already mentioned above highlight the role, which City Intelligence can play in maintaining different spheres of our life. While trying to balance both of our personal together with our professional lives, we often forget that there are certain people in our society, who exist to get benefited by cheating and scamming us and by the time, we make such discovery, we are too late. Too late to save anything… too late to act against them… too late to take any precaution… We just end up doing appropriate damage control in such situations.

This is the situation that people can avoid or at least minimize by using the services of professional detective agencies like City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. when they find any suspicious activity around them.

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