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A parent noticed that his son was behaving differently from his usual self. He was not spending enough time with his family. He had started spending most of his time outside with his friends and when he returned home, he used to stay inside his room. On being asked, he used to say that he was studying but it was understandable that something was not right in his behaviour. So, the parent approached us to solve his dilemma.

To know the exact reason for changing attitude and suspicious behaviour displayed by our client’s son.

From our client, we came to know that his son was studying in a university in Noida and it was first year of his course as well. It was difficult to follow this young man in his university due to heavy crowd. At night, he used to drive recklessly, which caused further hindrance in our investigative work. So with the help of our client, we planted a micro-recorder with in-built GPS system to monitor out main subject (client’s son). We found that our subject was a drug user and his group of friends were mainly responsible for his dangerous behaviour involving drug abuse. Our next step was to catch this whole group before they influence others towards this practice. With the help of our amazing technology planted in the subject’s vehicle by our client, we got other information about this case which includes details of the person who used to supply drugs to this group & the location where they indulged in this practise.

Our client was shocked by this revelation. He confronted his son with the voice recordings gathered by us. On being confronted his son accepted everything. We also got to know that our client’s son was in the early phase of this harmful practise so there was still some hope for his recovery. Our findings in this case were duly informed to the Police and to the University so that other members of this group can also be strictly reprimanded for their action. If our client had not approached us in time, this group of drug abusers must have corrupted many other innocent lives.

Appropriate action in time is necessary to avoid big mishaps & crime.

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