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Good & qualified employees are the foundation of a business enterprise… So, why should you ever compromise?

About pre & post employment investigation service:

Employment investigation involves verifying the identity, history and overall credentials of a person to assess their overall eligibility as an employee. If such an investigation is conducted before hiring them, then it is called a “Pre employment investigation” and when it is conducted after hiring them to oversee their activities in the organisation, then it is called “Post employment investigation”

There are some people who even lie on their resumes to get a job. This is quite low if we compare this worldwide, but still it is a detrimental issue faced by today’s employers. To be safe from such dangers, you can get help from professional detectives, who are capable of providing their expert services to find out the whole work history of prospective employees. In this way, we can avoid potential damages and risks.
After hiring, you can check about the performance level, working methods and on-the-job skills of employees in a discrete manner through Post employment investigation. Post-employment investigation also provides solutions to the employers to manage their staff in a much better way.

Benefits Of Employment Investigation:-

Ensures good quality hiring in an organization.
Gives an idea about the employee’s true potential.
Acts as a warning signal to avoid hiring risky candidates in an organisation.
Helps to minimize employee turnover.
Protects the business organizations from losses & unnecessary expenses.
Helps to maintain control on the overall performance of the business.
Helps to maintain safety & security in the work environment.

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Journey of service delivery with city intelligence:

❖ Case Analysis
Client’s case will be properly analyzed and understood on all aspects. Every critical point will be given due attention to form a clear and detailed sketch about the elements involved in a case. Client’s requirements & expectations from this investigation will be thoroughly understood so that we can proceed with a clear mindset without any doubts or misunderstandings.

❖ Investigation Strategy
After accurately understanding the requirements of client, we will formulate an investigation strategy to conduct the process of our investigation. Our strategy will vary upon the individual situation of each and every case. Overall time limit will be taken into account while creating a strategy. Unnecessary components will be avoided and relevant factors will be highlighted for creation of our investigation strategy.

❖ Intelligence Gathering
Intelligence gathering will be primarily based upon the factors involved in a case. We will use latest gadgets and up to date technology pieces to conduct the investigation smoothly within the shortest time possible. Our intelligence gathering process will be goal oriented and confidential. We have highly experienced team members to gather intelligence with the greatest degree of efficiency.

❖ Report To Clients
Business enterprises can suggest us a uniform format to collect the relevant data or if the client prefers, we can also deliver our findings in our own format to present our report. Adequate photographs from our investigation will be attached as well with the report to provide necessary evidence to our clients. Our report will be transparent, unbiased and well defined to provide a clear cut idea about the investigation conducted.

❖ Resolution Of Case
Conclusions from the case will be drawn so that the client can understand the exact status of their requirements & suspicions. Fulfillment of the client requirement as per the pre-conducted discussion and case-meetings marks the resolution of a case.

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Is your employee’s history still a mystery for you?

Big industries and corporations should know that employee verification is absolutely necessary these days. It is a step towards safety in professional life. To understand this concept in a better way, let’s say Mrs. A is running her own jewellery business successfully. She has high reputation in the industry and she has a team of subordinates working for her. To put it simply, she is financially sound and stable. One day after reaching her office, she finds out that one of her employee; Mr. B has run away with some of her expensive jewelleries, worth around 30- 35 lakhs. So, naturally what followed was a police investigation. After some police investigation, she finds out that Mr. B had a criminal record; he had already duped around 10 companies, before starting to work with her.

The past work experience details mentioned by him were totally fake. This is a very good example to show, how much employee verification is necessary these days. If she had conducted a thorough background check on him, with the help of professionals, she must have found about all this, before it was too late. Not only pre- employment investigation, if she had at least conducted post employment investigation, she may have found that something was wrong with Mr. B. Likewise an employee can pilfer your intellectual property, vital business information, client list, supplying chain mechanism etc. to pass it on to your competitor in trade. In fact that employee could have been “planted” in your office by your competitor to procure these details. Even your HR department or Head Hunter agency could be taken for a ride in inducting such a person.

From this example, you should understand that you cannot trust anybody without proper verification. There can be anybody around you, waiting to take advantage of your blind trust. Anybody can be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, these days.

Now, let’s take a look into another example. Mr. X is looking for a senior marketing executive in his company. Mr. Y comes for the interview. He has mentioned in his resume, that he has already worked as a marketing manager in ABC company for almost 10 years and under his educational qualifications he has mentioned that he has completed MBA with first division. He also manages to crack the interview somehow. Due, to his vast experience and knowledge, he gets hired by Mr. X. But, the truth is far more different than this. The reality is Mr. Y has not yet completed his MBA. He had to discontinue his studies, after a year, due to some family problems. After dropping out from his college, he had worked as a marketing intern for almost two and a half years. After that, he was kicked out of his company, due to his unprofessional behavior towards his colleagues. Then, after being unemployed for almost a year, he starting working as a junior marketing manager for almost 2 years in a small firm.

So, it can be seen that he clearly lied in order to get this job, which is far beyond his qualification and experience. Some people may argue that his lie is not such a big deal because, at least he had studied for MBA, just not completed it and some may say that at least he has some experience in marketing, so it’s not wrong to apply for this job and lie about his credentials.

Those people should know that a lie is a lie, no matter how big or small. He is completely at fault in this situation. He has misrepresented his credentials in order to unlawfully gain advantage over others, who were trying to compete with him for this job, who may be actually far more qualified and experienced than him. This is completely unfair to those genuinely talented candidates and most importantly, it is unfair to the employer who has spent so much time, money and his energy, in order to search for a perfect candidate.

The problem doesn’t end after he gets hired, in fact this is only the beginning of doom. So, let’s just say Mr. Y starts working in Mr. X’s firm. He may even manage the work for the few days in the beginning, but slowly he will be given tasks appropriate to a senior marketing executive. He will be given huge responsibilities and duties, on the basis of his seniority. Due to his incomplete education and lack of experience, it will not be wrong to say that he will perform insufficiently. This in turn, will lead to huge loss for the firm. At one point, Mr. X will be needed to answer for Mr. Y’s mistakes and in-capabilities. At the end, Mr. X will have to dismiss Mr. Y, in order to save his firm from further losses and search for any other competent person. As we can see, from this example, how

Sure, unemployment is a great misery, but fooling others regarding your qualifications and experience is nothing but a crime. In many countries, especially in India around 10% of Indians lie on their resumes to get their jobs. This is quite low, if we compare this worldwide, but still it is a detrimental issue being faced in India today.

To be safe from such dangers, you can get help from professional detectives, who are capable of providing their expert services to find out the whole work history of prospective employees. In this way, we can avoid potential damages and risks. Even after hiring , you need to check about the performance level, working methods and on- the- job skills of employees in a discrete manner. City intelligence is one such proficient detective agency, which provides both pre employment investigation as well as post employment investigation services. It gives utmost importance to the safety and security of its clients. Let us see, how City Intelligence will begin such a case:-

For Pre Employment Investigation:-

The following steps will be fulfilled by City Intelligence in order to successfully complete Pre- employment investigation of the prospective employees.

Using state of the art technology to verify the credentials, references and public records of the candidates.
Inspection of resumes and extraction of true identity
Providing a brief report about all candidates after overall verification of work attitudes, employment, degrees/ certificates, education and residential details.

Our techniques are flexible, according to the need of the situation

For post- employment investigation:

The following steps will be fulfilled by City Intelligence in order to successfully complete Pre- employment investigation of the employees.

Providing solutions to manage staff in a better way. Formulating ways to keep a better check on staff & their activities.
Helping clients to keep an eye on any misconduct or breach by an employee.
Ensuring complete security of company’s data base and other confidential information through different techniques.

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