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Checks Mobile Phones Hacked Or Not

Mobile has become more important part of our life. No one can live without there mobile devices. Users spend most of the time on their mobile and this is the why users want to safeguard from cell phone hacks. Now days users don’t just use mobiles for calling. Rather than they use mobiles for downloading applications, save their personal data, Click photos, Uses social media accounts on their smartphones, play games & various tasks. It is estimated that mobile users are to pass the five billion in 2019.

We will show some tips to check if mobile phone is hacked or not, so you can check your mobile security without mobile security app. There are various reasons that mobile could be hacked. According to ethical hacking researcher of international institute of cyber security most mobile users don’t realize until they are hacked.

You don’t need security apps for this

Reasons your phone can be hacked :-
Android & IOS Application Manager/ Installed Applications
Android & IOS File Manager Logs
Never Click on Unknown Links
Regular Updates of System/ Applications
Using Open Wifi Networks

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