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About The Service

Corporate Detective It is a form of confidential investigation, where trained and qualified professionals are planted at different positions in the client’s organisation to gather all the significant & suspicious details which may be kept hidden by employees of the client. By providing the true information regarding the activities of client’s organization, undercover operatives act as eyes and ears.

In this investigation, undercover operatives are placed in the most strategic points of the targeted establishment. These operatives merge among the employees and discreetly collect information about developments & activities taking place among the work force, so that they can report it back to the business owner (client). These undercover operatives are trained to behave tactfully in challenging situations so that they don’t invite any suspicion about their role among other employees of the business organisation.

Benefits of undercover operation:

Helps to understand the deep rooted issues of the business enterprise, which cannot be dealt through formal network.
Helps to covertly trace the corrupted employees from the rest.
Helps to get a clear view on the activities performed by employees.
Helps to realize the actual shortcomings & drawbacks in the current functioning of business enterprise.
By providing the real reason behind major problems of company, it also helps to regulate the employees in an efficient manner for future.
Helps to secure the financial health of the business by carefully approaching the issues looming inside an organization.

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Journey of service delivery with city intelligence:

❖ Case Analysis
During this stage, we try to get a clear image about the entire case to analyse it from all the possible aspects. Details about the business organization, activities undertaken by it and the kind of employees working there helps us to get a basic understanding about the entire case and enables us to plant our undercover operatives accordingly.

❖ Investigation Strategy
Strategies are created to handle the undercover operation in a confidential manner. In this stage, our team is made aware about the intricacies involved in the operation and methods are decided to deal with those challenges effectively. Structure for gathering and reporting the collected data is decided beforehand to avoid confusion and misunderstanding among our undercover operatives.

❖ Intelligence Gathering
In this type of investigation, intelligence is gathered by penetrating through informal networks of an organisation. Undercover operation aims to reach those significant areas of a business enterprise, where the outsiders cannot possibly collect reliable information. It focuses on gathering intelligence through internal communications in a discreet manner.

❖ Report To Clients
Information received from the undercover operation is reported to clients on systematic basis. Our undercover operatives present an unbiased picture about all the happenings inside the business organization from time to time and those details are provided in a proper, well-formatted report for our client’s reference.

❖ Resolution Of Case
Conclusions & all possible suspicions from our detections will be drawn so that the client can get a proper idea about the current status of their business enterprise. We believe that our detections and carefully formed suggestions for improvement will help the client to take decisions accordingly.

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