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Employee Theft

Employee Theft

Is employee theft causing you worry and confusion? Here’s a dose of professional solution!

About employee theft investigation service:

Corporate Detective Huge efforts are taken to hire dedicated, professional and loyal employees but still, there are times when one gets someone completely unexpected, who is not scared about being unethical and immoral as employees. Employee theft poses a huge threat to the existence and growth of business organizations and it needs to be tackled in a systematic way by professionals who are capable of handling such issues.

Under employee theft investigation, trained and proficient private investigators investigate the theft allegations and detect the corrupted ones from the list of employees so that the business enterprise may take due action against them. Professional investigators are aware about the legal factors and the most effective ways to handle such issues with ease. Employee thefts can hugely impact the overall working of the business and weaken its financial health in a significant way. That is why it is important to trust the right private investigation agency with substantial experience in handling such cases.

Benefits Of Mystery Shopping

Helps to trace the corrupted employees from the rest.
Helps to get a better grip on the activities performed by employees.
Helps to realize the shortcomings & drawbacks in the current functioning of business enterprise.
Helps to regulate the employees in an efficient manner for future.
Helps to secure the financial health of the business enterprise.

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Journey of service delivery with city intelligence:

❖ Case Analysis
Client case is explored from all sides and understood in a comprehensive manner during our case analysis stage. The details regarding the theft will be properly understood, every specification and overall seriousness of the case will be analyzed during this phase. Information regarding the suspicious employees will also be gathered from the client, so that we can have a better picture about the overall work environment of client’s business enterprise.

❖ Investigation Strategy
Various elements involved in the employee theft case will determine our investigation strategy. The type of theft, the range of employees under suspicion and the overall condition of the business enterprise will be given due consideration during this stage. Our strategies will be goal oriented, time oriented with a proper system and structure, so that we can proceed with this investigation in a smooth manner.

❖ Intelligence Gathering
Intelligence gathering will be hugely dependent on the factors involved in this case. Cases regarding employee theft needs to be handled with proper discretion and care, so that the overall reputation of the client’s business enterprise is not sabotaged in any way. Keeping this in mind, we will conduct our intelligence gathering process in a confidential manner using the current technological gadgets as our aid.

❖ Report To Clients
Our reports deliver an unbiased and factual depiction about the investigation conducted by us to our clients. They are well formatted and meticulously arranged as well with supporting photographs about our detections from the case.

❖ Resolution Of Case
Conclusions from the case will be drawn so that the client can understand the exact status of their requirements & suspicions. Fulfillment of the client requirement as per the pre-conducted discussion and meetings marks the resolution of a case.

Employee Theft Investigation Services By City Intelligence Detective Agency

City Intelligence is one of the leading detective agency for Employee Verification. For employee verification detective agency it is very important to be very careful and active for each step our work starts with the doubt clarification which occurs at the workplace. As detective agencies for character report and verification, we provide detailed character profile of the employee. In employee verification we use to trace the Emails, contact checking etc.

As a prominent detective agency for shadowing, we can arrange exclusive detective to shadow a targeted person. As a detective agency we help you in verifying the information provided by the background verification candidates in his/her resumes such as previous employment history, life style, habits, hobbies, etc. We make the critical cases very simple with the use of latest technologies like hidden cameras,videos,voice recorder and many more Hi-tech devices. City Intelligence offering two types of employments verification investigatinos services:

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