5 reasons to choose private detectives before hiring someone

What kind of a person should be hired in an organisation?

We are sure that you may have many answers for this but most importantly you may believe that a good hiring decision involves employing someone who can add value to the organisation and be an asset for the employer and not a liability, isn’t it?


Recruiting someone can be a huge responsibility because a lot of factors are necessary to be considered while hiring someone. Choosing the most perfect candidate out of many alternatives is not an easy task. An organisation’s success is hugely dependent upon the people who work there and that makes the process of hiring even more crucial. Therefore, we present you, one of the most important categories of corporate investigation which can be extremely useful in this case. Yes… we are talking about none other than “PRE-EMPLOYMENT INVESTIGATION

Pre-employment investigation simply means conducting a comprehensive investigation on the selected candidates who have applied for a job in an organisation. This investigation is done to verify their details before hiring them in the organisation. Pre-employment investigation is turning out to be one of the most sought after investigations of all times due its necessity in the corporate world.

To have a deep look into this subject, we have enlisted five major reasons to choose private detectives before hiring someone:-

Identity confirmation:

Identity is necessary to be known when you are considering that person to become a part of your organisation. There are people who may even lie about their identity and hide their true selves, if they have committed any morally questionable things in their life. Thus, pre-employment investigation is a kind of protection against such people who may try to deceive you & your organisation with a fake identity. This investigation provides you some basic idea about their background, so that you can properly judge a person before hiring them in your organisation.

Verification of the qualification:

Qualifications are not just mere conditions required for a job but they are also an indicator of a person’s capability with respect to the job applied. We are living in a competitive age where people do everything in their power to get ahead of others even if it involves lying about their qualifications. You know what happens then, don’t you?

If they get hired, they will ultimately sabotage the workings of their organization through their incompetency and ineptness.

Thus, it’s better to be safe from such people through a detailed qualification check which comes under pre-employment investigation.

Criminal history (if any):

As an employer, you should know what kind of people you are hiring because your organisation will ultimately bear the consequences for the actions of your employee. Through pre-employment investigation, you can have a brief look at a candidate’s past before hiring him/her in your organization. Under this investigation, you can also use criminal background check to know if the candidate has ever been involved in any kind of criminal activity.

Previous employment & experience:

You may have heard that we all should learn from history as it teaches us new things, helps us to avoid making further mistakes in the present and guides us to create a better future. Then you can imagine that how it is extremely significant for the employers to have a proper knowledge about their employee’s history. Through pre-employment investigation, you can get details about a candidate’s previous employment (if any) and his/her experience with respect to the job applied by him/her. You can also verify the authenticity of their previous salary.

Other important details:

Apart from all the above mentioned factors, you can also know about other necessary details regarding the candidate applying for the job. By other details, we mean information relating to marital status, medical history and overall personality traits etc.

Now, you may have understood about the importance of hiring the right person for an organisation and how pre-employment investigation can ensure that. We believe that when the time comes, you will make the right decision.

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