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You can give different names to crime like fraud, scam, embezzlement, treachery, pilferage, etc. but you can’t change its essence and you can’t say that it’s limited to a particular place. They can happen anywhere to anybody and that is why we should take certain measures, to ensure that we never become a victim of such acts. This is where City Intelligence enters. City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. is a private detective agency in Dubai specializing in personal and corporate investigation of all types.


We, City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. have been a part of the private investigation industry from a very long time to know that hard work and individuality are the most important assets for a private investigator. Success is not an accident, but an output of constant efforts. This kind of attitude has helped us to complete more than two decades as a successful private detective agency and we do hope to continue our journey with the same spirit. Through all these years, City Intelligence has created a special name, an impressive identity of its own in the private investigation industry. When you opt for our services, you can expect:

  • excellent quality of services;
  • Our utmost care and detail-oriented approach, while handling each and every case;
  • Great emphasis on the requirement of our clients;
  • Specialized attention of our skilled and experienced team;
  • Usage of advanced & futuristic technology for our investigation procedures;
  • Creative and efficient methods on our part to get results.

In the above passage, you just saw the qualities employed by us for effectively handling our cases, but do you know who started to incorporate these qualities in the first place to make City Intelligence as efficient and impressive as everyone sees it today, it’s the Managing Director of City Intelligence, Mr. Rajeev Kumar. His magnificent personality, unbreakable persistence and strong commitment towards a goal are the ingredients for the outstanding services provided by City Intelligence. Along with being the Managing Director of City Intelligence, Mr. Rajeev Kumar is also General Secretary (Delhi) for Association of Private Detectives & Investigators (APDI).


As already stated, the personal and corporate investigation comes under our area of expertise. Just like a coin with two sides, City Intelligence is well equipped with resources and skills to successfully deal with issues which require investigative services in person as well as the professional life of an individual.

Under personal investigation, our services focus on various kinds of issues which may threaten the peace and stability of one’s personal life.

Let’s take a look at them,


1. Pre- matrimonial investigation & Post-matrimonial investigation: They say there is someone for everyone, but how can you surely say that you have chosen the right one?

In this digital age, people don’t buy even a small product without thorough internet research. Before buying a product, you try to read the user’s reviews, consult the opinion of your family & friends, browse about the return policy etc. When you take so much precaution, for a small article, how can you not take enough measures before choosing a life partner?

We all know that choosing a wrong life partner can result in long term pain and affect your confidence and ability to trust again. That is why, City Intelligence provides pre- matrimonial investigation service, through which can you make sure that, whether you have chosen the right one or not.

We would also like to add that it is not end of the world, if you are already married and feel suspicious regarding the actions of your partner. It is never too late to take a step for yourself. We also provide post matrimonial investigation service and you can select this service, to quench your doubts regarding your partner. We also provide litigation support, which can assist you in court cases.

2. Missing person investigation: Whether the person has gone missing voluntary or involuntarily, with the combination of our expertise, skills and modern types of equipment, we can provide positive results in a short period of time.

3. Background verification: As the name suggests, it includes a thorough investigation of an individual’s background. His/her criminal history (if any), medical history (if any) and employment history is verified. It also involves personality verification including social lifestyles, debts & credits, affairs & liaisons of a person.

4. Divorce case proof investigation: We are well aware of the complicated and sensitive aspects involved in divorce and infidelity investigations. City Intelligence can help you to gather the proof of adultery, through photographic & video evidence, which can be useful for your divorce settlement.

5. Our other services under personal investigation include Loyalty test, sting operations, undercover operations, cheating partner surveillance, lie detector test & cyber crime investigation.

Along with maintaining personal well being, achieving stability and success on professional level, is equally important to people. Under corporate investigation, our services focus on various kinds of issues which may threaten the peace and stability of one’s professional life.

We know that having a successful professional life is challenging. Surviving in the corporate world requires pre-assessing the unforeseen threats and taking effective steps in advance.

You need to be extra careful before making any critical decisions, to maintain your position in the corporate world, whether it involves hiring new employees or forming professional associations with the newcomers of the industry.

From mystery shopping to providing technical surveillance counter-measures, services provided by City Intelligence covers every issue, which can endanger your professional life.

Here is a list of services under Corporate investigation, provided by City Intelligence:-

  1. TSCM (electronic sweeping & Debugging):- To identify & remove the bugs from your work- area, planted by your business competitors in order to gain unfair advantage over you.
  2. Due diligence & asset verification
  3. Pre & Post employment investigation
  4. Employee cheating/theft cases
  5. Insurance & fraud investigation
  6. Risk assessment
  7. Crime scene interpretation & forensic science services
  8. Mystery shopping
  9. Copyright Infringement Investigation

These were the investigative services provided by us.

So Dubai,



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