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Neemrana in the Alwar District of Rajasthan is basically a mixture of great history, culture and heritage. Every part of the town, every piece of its architecture tells a story about the glorious history of Neemrana.  If you are interested to know about the availability of good private investigation services in Neemrana, which can give maximum care and attention towards your issue of concern, which has a great team of skilled and experienced members, in short the one which is well equipped to provide best quality of services, then we have great news for you. You can find all these qualities in one of the foremost detective agencies of our times – CITY INTELLIGENCE PVT. LTD.

You may have already used some investigative services from other private detective agencies or never used any kind of investigative service before; whatever the case may be, we are absolutely sure that your experience with City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. will turn out to be a special one. Needs and requirements of our clients are taken seriously.

detective agency in neemrana We understand that you may be concerned about revealing your personal information to us. Well, you don’t have to worry in this aspect, while dealing with City Intelligence. Sufficient care and attention will be paid from our side to ensure that your identity remains safe during the entire investigation process. For us, maintaining client confidentiality will always be the most essential policy.

The Managing Director of City Intelligence, Mr. Rajeev Kumar exhibits the qualities of hard work, meticulousness and strong determination while dealing with different clients and their issues. He is duly trained in this profession and certified by VMP-AIIM and SEATRO, Singapore. His strong will and continuous efforts are responsible for turning City Intelligence into one of the most respected and admired private detective agencies, as we know it today.

According to Albert Einstein, “The only source of knowledge is experience”. City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. has an experience of more than two decades in this private investigation industry.  Through all these years, we have made some wonderful connections and truly evolved with time. We offer services for pan-India and also for international inquiries at reasonable charges.

As you all know that in order to deal with a situation successfully, one needs to avoid clutter and chaos and follow a systematic method, especially in a profession like ours, one wrong move without any prior planning can negatively affect the whole investigation process. When your case is taken by City Intelligence, a well organized plan of action will be designed, every step to be taken will be carefully planned in advance with the help of our team of experts and only after that our plan will be put into action.

Conducting personal and corporate investigation of all types is our area of expertise.

Generally, people try to avoid using any private investigative services for a long time even they feel that something or someone around them is exhibiting questionable behavior. They finally realize their mistake, when the tragedy strikes. Well, as they say there is no use crying over spit milk. Therefore, in this aspect you need to approach the services provided by private investigators, as and when the situation requires.

You will find that there are a number of detective agencies which provides personal & corporate investigative services, but the most important thing about a service is its quality. Good quality of service is the one, which leaves an unforgettable impression at the end.  You must have heard that ‘Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort’ and City Intelligence makes efforts every day so that the quality of its performance always stays up to the mark.

We hope that you will find the following list of services provided by us under personal & corporate investigation to be useful.


  1. Pre- matrimonial investigation– which includes conducting a background check on the person you have decided to marry.
  2. Post matrimonial discords & litigation support- covers- providing strong                  legal support and assistance in courts.
  3. Cyber crime investigation- identifying the source of intrusion &                                  safeguarding your system for future
  4. Divorce related proof investigation- here we help you to gather the proof     of adultery.
  5. Missing person investigation.
  6. Personality verification including social life styles, debts & credits, affairs           & liaisons.
  7. Lie Detector Test and Cheating partner surveillance.
  8.   Sting operations and Under Cover operations.

These were some of the issues, we cover under personal investigation. Now, let’s have a look on what kind of services are being offered under corporate investigation by City Intelligence.


  1. TSCM (electronic sweeping & Debugging)- to safeguard your work place from snooping and eavesdropping by your competitors.
  2. Due diligence & asset verification- to verify the accuracy of statements as well the status of assets possessed by your business associates.
  3. Pre/ Post employment investigation.
  4. Labour court cases.
  5. Employee cheating/ theft cases
  6. Insurance fraud verification
  7. Fingerprint & handwriting expert opinions
  8. Risk assessment
  9. Crime scene interpretation
  10. Forensic science services.
  11. Mystery shopping- to know about the quality of customer service of a business organization.

So, you have seen the kinds of services provided by us, read about our credentials and now you must be wondering  whether we would be able to fulfill your requirements or not.

There is only one way to know about it. Reach out to City Intelligence and experience the quality of service provided by us. How will you know, if you don’t give us a chance.

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