Jodhpur, a popular tourist destination also called as Blue City is filled with beautiful palaces, temples and astonishing forts.

If you are in Jodhpur, you may have heard about a number of private detective agencies over there. But, if you have still not found a perfect one for you and your search list includes:-

  • A private detective agency, which can provide best quality of personal & corporate investigative services at reasonable charges;
  • A private detective agency, which can keep your identity confidential and give utmost attention to your specific requirements while handling your case,

Then you should know that the perfect private detective agency for you would be none other than CITY INTELLIGENCE PVT. LTD.

City Intelligence has been serving as one of the prime detective agencies of India from more than two decades. Mr. Rajeev Kumar, who is the Managing Director of City Intelligence, has incorporated the values of dedication, hard work, integrity and perseverance in the operations performed by City Intelligence and that is what makes it so special.

All private detective agencies have their own strong suits. There are some detective agencies focusing only on personal investigation like matrimonial investigation, some concentrates only on issues relating to corporate investigation and there are some agencies which incorporates both personal and corporate investigation under its area of operation. City Intelligence belongs to the third category. We are specialized in performing both personal as well as corporate investigation of all types.detective agency in neemrana

Experience and knowledge of an issue, plays an important role in determining one’s performance. Our team is highly skilled and experienced to tackle issues relating to personal and corporate investigation. Ex- law enforcement officials are also included in our team. Latest and the most advanced gadgets are used in our investigative procedures. Here, we follow a systematic, meticulous and rational approach to deal with all our cases.

Now, you might ask, what is included under personal investigation?

Under personal investigation, we have tried to include all the issues, which might cause concern to the personal life of an individual and require investigative services of a professional body to be dealt with. There are various issues, which are emphasized under this area of investigation like:-

Pre-matrimonial check so you can assess the authenticity of the person, whom you are going to marry, litigation support in order to assist you in court cases, background verification so that you are not unaware about the people with whom you associate, missing person investigation and much more.

Here is a complete of services provided by City Intelligence under personal Investigation.


  1. Pre- matrimonial verification
  2. Post matrimonial discords & litigation support.
  3. Cyber crime investigation.
  4. Divorce related proof investigation.
  5. Missing person investigation.
  6. Background verification which includes analyzing social life styles, debts & credits, affairs & liaisons of a person.
  7. Cheating partner surveillance.
  8. Sting operations & Under-cover operations.

These days, many companies do realize the value of opting for services provided by professional investigators in their day-to-day. In corporate world, it is common to associate with new and upcoming business man on different projects in order to achieve mutual benefits. It is common to hire new employees in an organization. But remember scams, frauds, thefts and embezzlements are also equally common in the corporate world. Incorrect opinion or judgement on your part can make you one of the victims of such acts.

Under Corporate Investigation, City Intelligence has tried to cover all those issues which might concern the professional life of an individual. Whether you are leading an organization or a part of an organization, these services can serve helpful against various challenges thrown by different elements of corporate world.

Firstly, we have included mystery shopping which is one of the sought after services by retailers, restaurateurs, banks, fast-food outlets, supermarkets, health clubs etc. where utmost importance is given to product quality and service delivery. Then we have included other essential services for companies in this digital age like bug sweeping, electronic counter surveillance and much more.

Here is a complete of services provided by City Intelligence under corporate Investigation.


  1. TSCM (electronic sweeping & Debugging)
  2. Due diligence & asset verification
  3. Employee investigation
  4. Employee Cheating/ theft cases
  5. Insurance fraud  verification
  6. Fingerprint & handwriting expert opinions
  7. Risk assessment
  8. Crime scene interpretation & copyright infringement investigation
  9. Mystery shopping

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