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Bug Sweeps Bug Sweep Investigations in Delhi


We are a notable investigation agency that offers investigation about white collar crimes within a stipulated time frame. Our lawyers are backed by substantial experience and know how to defend the clients throughout the different phases of investigation. These capabilities along with local custodians of law, make us a step ahead of our competitors.

We have a huge expertise in handling domestic investigations including internal investigations inquiries. The knowledge base of our attorneys make us a leader in our domain. Needless to say, the services provided by us are cost effective and timely. Our primary focus is to resolve grave concerns of the society and invest in the preventive measures. Our lawyers understand the meaning of cost benefit analysis and hence believe in delivering value for money services. Our proactive dealing with clients helps us to remain a reputed brand.

Our comprehensive list of clients includes :
Large corporation
Business center
Other private institutions

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Hiring City Intelligence is the only call you’ll ever have to make. We guarantee the professionalism of all our staff, and pride ourselves on our reputation to deliver the best possible results for all of our Clients.

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City Intelligence: The Best Detective Agency in Delhi

We are one of India’s established and most respected Private Investigators. With over 22 years of experience in investigations helping people resolve their problems we are here to assist in all aspects of private investigation providing a cost effective service. Our investigators are experienced, skilled and from a law enforcement background. We get results. Of course not all problems have quick and easy solutions however we will provide you with the options best suited to your situation.