When you look at a marvellous creation, what do you see?

Creativity, imagination, hard work involved in its preparation, perseverance and dedication of the creator… these must be some of your observations, isn’t it? But everybody doesn’t share the same viewpoint in this case. In a competitive world like ours, there are some people who see other’s creation as an opportunity to achieve their selfish motives or a shortcut for success. A creation is susceptible to be copied by others for personal gain. That is why a creator protects his name, brand and creation through copyright law. Under this law, one cannot use & reproduce a copyright holder’s work without his permission. Breach of this law, can lead to serious repercussions.

Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala has said “Piracy begins where creativity ends”. Don’t you think that this quote is really powerful and relatable with the current situation of our world?

Running a successful business corporation is hard, challenging and an extremely competitive task. Creating a unique identity and a brand for oneself takes time. Huge amount of efforts are involved in the maintenance of intellectual property (patents, trademarks, copyright and trade secrets etc.) and all the time and efforts can be easily destroyed through misappropriation by others. Thus, to avoid paying a huge price to someone else’s misdeed, it is a smart choice to legally register one’s products under copyright law. Here is another question for you:-

What will someone do, if he suddenly finds out that his trademark is already being used without permission by someone else as his own from the past few years?

Firstly, he would regret about not knowing about this as soon as possible. If he had known sooner, he could have saved the sales value of his product from falling down, maintained his customer base and business reputation in the market. But unfortunately, he received this news after the loss of some precious amount of time.

To avoid these types of scenarios, we present a special form of investigation called “ COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INVESTIGATION”. If you believe that your successful trademark or any other registered intellectual property is being used by others without permission then your next destination should be City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd.

Under this investigation, we can identify the source of piracy and collect sufficient proof about this crime through our team of experts.

Don’t be another victim of copyright infringement, it depends on you to take a step towards safety and security of your business.

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