Private detectives: Expectation vs Reality

“Private detectives”…. who isn’t aware about them?

From a long time, private detectives have been portrayed in different novels, movies and TV shows. While growing up, many among us must have thought about becoming a private detective.

Who wouldn’t want to live an adventurous life and accomplish thrilling assignments as a part of their job?

There is always an air of mystery and excitement surrounding a private detective which has attracted many among us to this profession.

Well, there is more to this profession than what has been shown in the books and movies. The actual job of a private detective is vast and much more detailed than what has been depicted till now. You must have viewed this profession only under the lens of fictional world, now let’s have a look into the actual job of private detectives as per the real world.

Here, we have made a list of expectations as well as reality regarding the profession of private detectives.


Detectives look different from others in the society. Their appearance and looks are distinguishable from regular people due to which they stand out among a group of people.


In books and movies, private detectives have been portrayed with distinct looks like with a long trench coat, fedora hat and dark sunglasses to make them appear mysterious and to give them their own sense of style. But, in reality private detectives don’t wear such kind of outfits which makes them look different from others, because their work will be affected in that way. Private detectives make efforts to blend in with the group and look like a regular person.  If they wear distinct outfits like those which are shown in the fictional world, they will draw unwanted attention which is certainly not a good thing in their profession.


A private detective’s life is full of adventure and danger. A private detective is like an action hero who goes on risky & thrilling missions as a part of his job.


This is one of the most common expectations among people with this job because of the depiction of private detectives as a fearless and daring person in the fictional world. Sure, there is an element of thrill and adventure in the life of private detectives but their profession consists much more than that. They also have to do paperwork and maintain necessary documents. Their job is not only about physical work but also includes mental work as well. Their job is not like those action movies where one requires brawn more than brain to survive.


Private detectives can do anything and get out of situations without facing any repercussions in return.


In real life, no one can do anything and easily get out of those situations without facing any repercussions . Private detectives are also a part of this society therefore they do have to obey law and order like every other person. Their actions do have consequences. They cannot break the law and perform illegal activities.


All private detectives perform similar activities in their job.


This is also one of the common expectations among people regarding the job of private detective. Reality is quite different from this expectation.

At last, we would like to say that there may be some differences between fictional depiction and real job of private detectives, but one thing is similar. Just like fictional world, it is an interesting job in real life too. In reality, the profession of private detective consists different features like excitement, mystery, responsibility, hard work, smart work, dedication and it is perfect for those who have a zest for finding truth in the most difficult & tricky situations.

All private detectives do not perform similar activities. Their job duties are not alike. There are many private detectives who have different specializations. Some private detectives offer pre-matrimonial investigative services only, some of them provides just corporate investigative services, some focus only on cases relating to insurance fraud and there are also private detectives like us, City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. who offers both personal as well as corporate investigation services.

So, if you are interested in becoming a private detective, then you should definitely give it a try after acquiring proper training and knowledge. 

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