How to choose a private detective agency?

We all have noticed that there has been increasing in the number of private detective agencies around us. In this fast-paced world, people understand that the expertise and experience of private detectives can be hugely beneficial to deal with various issues involved in their personal and professional life. That is why, they are giving importance to obtain services from a private detective agency, before making any significant decision. This is a sign of good change in our society. It’s great to know that people are starting to live by the quote “prevention is better than cure”. They want to be prevented from possible threats like scams, frauds, and cheating, etc. and therefore they are starting to give value to their safety and security. 

Now, the question arises that how should one choose a private detective agency. As we have already mentioned, there are several detective agencies at present to choose from, so how to make the right choice?

We have to go through some examples to understand this concept in a much better way.

So, let’s just say, Mr. A  is running a business and he decides to get a  background check with the help of a  private detective agency,  before hiring someone in his organization. He reaches out to some random detective agency, through an unreliable source. In this situation, it is highly possible that he may not get genuine and trustworthy results from that agency, because he has not done even some basic research about that detective agency before contacting them. He has blindly trusted them without even enquiring about their services and performance strategy. 

There are a number of things that he could have done differently.

While looking for a private detective, one should not ignore the fact that the credentials of a service provider must be checked and cross-checked. The track record of the detective agency, its owners, and field operatives must be thoroughly evaluated before entrusting any job to them. Credentials from paper or website proclamations are not enough to judge someone. Word of mouth inquiries from previous clients and contacts must be made about the Agency.

Let’s take another example, Mr. B wants to do a background check on his fiancé, so just like Mr. A, he also visits some random detective agency, which he saw in a newspaper advertisement. He doesn’t verify anything about this detective agency either. This particular detective agency, which he visits, takes a large sum of money from him as advance fees and they tell him that he will receive a call after a week, regarding the results of the pre-matrimonial investigation. He waits for not one but two weeks, but he didn’t receive any updates from the detective agency. After 2 weeks, when he visited the detective agency, he finds the whole place empty, suggesting that the entire detective agency has been shut down. Due to this, his whole experience with detectives turned into a nightmare.

Let’s take a third example, Mr. C has a son, who is acting in a strange manner lately. His son is skipping a lot of classes, coming home late every day and he is often moody, irritated, and angry for the last few days. Mr. C got worried by his son’s changing attitude. He found this new behavior of his son rather suspicious and very different from his usual self. So, after some online research, he finds about a detective agency with good reviews. He cross-checked the credentials of the detective agency, on other websites also. After being somewhat satisfied, he visits the agency. After enquiring them thoroughly, he asks them to proceed with his son’s case.

So, what are the things which we can learn from these three situations?

Mr. A, Mr. B, and Mr. C all three went to a detective agency, to seek the services of the agency, in order to deal with their problems. But, only one person i.e. Mr. C approached his problem in the correct way. On the other hand, both Mr. A and Mr. B made certain mistakes while approaching to a detective agency and suffered because of that. But Mr. C obviously did something different than the others, because of which he didn’t suffer any ill consequence.

So, let’s see what was it, at which point Mr. C was right and the others i.e. Mr. A and Mr. B went wrong.

It is a smart move, to opt for services from detective agencies, but it will be a useless move if you don’t take certain measures before reaching out to them with your case. There are certain things to be kept in mind, before going to any detective agency.


  • Do a thorough internet search, about that particular detective agency, which you are interested to choose. One needs to check about the services offered by them and the facilities they are capable of providing. Reviews by the previous clients are also good proof to know about their performance record.
  • Also, try to get feedback and recommendations about detective agencies from your trusted friend circle and knowledgeable sources, to know more about their point of view in your case. But, in the end, your decision should be based on your own judgment and deductions. 
  • Also, check if the detective agency, which you are interested to choose, is properly certified by the government to operate or not.
  • Enquire if the detective agency, which you are willing to choose, is using the latest technology and gadgets to deal with the cases or is it relying more on old school methods and strategies. It will be much better, to choose a detective agency that is tech-savvy.
  • Ask about the service charges in advance. You should not proceed with your case, just by assuming anything. You should also enquire if that detective agency has any prior experience in any case similar to yours, if yes, then what was the outcome of such a case.

The above-mentioned facts may be helpful for you to judge that if any particular detective agency is worth your time and money or not. After considering the above-mentioned facts, you may decide that whether a particular detective agency can be the best choice for you or not, and thus you can conclude by yourself that who you should trust to obtain investigative services and who you shouldn’t.

At the end of the day, he will not be affected by the opinions and views of some random people and he will be able to choose wisely on the basis of his own hypothesis. Henry Grantland Rice has rightly said that “A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows the public opinion”. 

So, it is up to you, whether you want to be a wise person or an ignorant one.

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