6 reasons to choose private detectives before marriage

Like every other journey in life, marriage can be joyful, adventurous, fun-filled, challenging and of course rewarding if you have the right partner by your side. In this day and age where people often hide their true intentions & identity from others, it can be quite difficult to know whether you have made the right choice or not while selecting your life partner.

That is why pre matrimonial investigation is essential to confirm the identity of your prospective life partner. Pre matrimonial investigation is a type of investigation, which aims at verifying the necessary details of the prospective groom or bride.

This kind of investigation before marriage is becoming a necessity these days, due to the changing scenario of our society.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that there are still some people among us, who consider using private detectives for pre matrimonial investigation services as a waste of time and money.

If you are also unconvinced about the necessity for pre matrimonial investigation, we present you six major reasons which indicate, why one should choose private detectives before marriage:-

  • To know about the previous relationships (if any):-

Everybody has a past but there are certain things which you cannot accept from a life partner and it will be really awful and painful if you get to know such things after your marriage. “Knowledge about his/her past relationships” comes under one of those things. Through pre matrimonial investigation, you can know whether the person you are going to marry had any previous relationships or still involved in any love affair. Some may say that they don’t need this to be investigated as they trust their partner, but getting confirmation from an unbiased source (like a private detective agency) can cause no harm. If everything turns out to be fine about your prospective life partner, then such an investigation will only give you some extra confidence in your choice.

Thorough inspection about past relationship (if any) under Pre matrimonial investigation
  •  To get confirmation about the employment status:-

Having a good job is significant for a better life, but lying about one’s employment status is completely unacceptable. Character of the person whom you are going to marry is really important and you certainly don’t want a liar as your life partner, isn’t it?

Through pre matrimonial investigation, you can know about the employment status of your prospective life partner. Not only that, you can also verify about the office address and his/her position in the office, so that you can get a better understanding of the person whom you have decided to marry.

  •  Verification of identity:-

Commanding your mobile phones through your speech, getting your favourite items from all over the world through just few clicks, video chatting with your international friends from your house…yes! that’s digital age, my friends. Advancement in technology has gifted us with many benefits but there are some disadvantages too. You cannot entirely believe each and every one in the internet especially not when you are choosing your life partner through it.

Yes, we understand that in this digital age many people prefer using matrimonial websites and various match making apps in order to search of true love and if other things feel right, they may even marry that person eventually but you cannot ignore that there are some people in the online community, who fake their identity to dupe others. You must have heard – “All that glitters is not gold” and that is definitely true in this case.

 You cannot be suspicious of each and every one who comes under your contact but you can definitely try to take a preventive measure before forming any close relationship like marriage. Yes! Pre matrimonial investigation is that preventive measure which we are talking about. Through pre matrimonial investigation you can verify the identity of the person whom you are going to marry because it is better to be safe than sorry.

  •  Habits:-

Life is already a mixture of twists and turns and if you decide to get a life partner, we are sure that you want someone who can share your happiness as well as pain and not someone who is a prisoner of his/her own bad habits. Pre matrimonial investigation can help you to know if your prospective life partner is an alcoholic, habitual drug user or a smoker etc. so that you are fully aware about the person whom you have decided to marry.

  • Personality & overall character traits:-

 They say, “Beauty attracts the eyes but personality captures the heart!” and it is a truly profound statement, don’t you think?

Personality determines almost everything about a person and that is why we all have certain expectations in that area, when it comes to choosing a life partner. There are all kinds of people in this world. Some are shy, introverted, reserved while some are outspoken, friendly, extroverts and there are some who are a healthy combination of these traits. Pre matrimonial investigation can help you to know more about your prospective life partner in this regard.

  •    Other essential details:-

There are also some other factors which should be known about your prospective    life partner to confirm that whether his/her statements match the reality or not.    Criminal background, medical background and family background are some of the    essential details which should be verified well in advance. Using pre matrimonial    investigation is a good way to cover all these aspects.

These were some of the major reasons which highlights the need for choosing private detectives before marriage. At last, we would like to say that:

“Pre matrimonial investigation is nothing but a way of confirmation, so that you don’t become another victim of lies and deception”

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