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There is a beautiful saying by Sophocles – “Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud”. It means that it is better to fail, than achieving success using fraudulent or dishonest ways, but how many of us follow this at today’s day and age? Most people are ready to jump at quick, easy and rather illicit ways to achieve success without giving any regard to honesty and ethics.

If we look into the corporate world, we can unfortunately find a large proportion of people ready to be involved in fraudulent activities for earning more money. Yes folks, there are some people who can go to great lengths to con people in order to fulfill their selfish motives. According to a survey conducted by a well known organization, about 49% of respondents have indicated losing more than INR  10  Lakhs through fraud losses in the recent past.

Now, let’s focus on the subject matter of this article “INSURANCE FRAUD”. Do you know what is it?

Let us explain.

Insurance Fraud Detective Agecy

Insurance fraud is an illegal act where one attempts to defraud an insurance process. Here, we are going to focus on insurance fraud by buyers.

See, generally people purchase insurance policies from the insurer to safeguard the assets from the financial consequences of losses or damage that occur from insured peril and there is nothing wrong in it. Imagine someone is suffering from heavy cold as well as fever and during that time, he is offered a hot cup of herbal tea. The whole scenario sounds harmless isn’t it?

But what if the truth was something else? What if that person was faking his illness and tricking others just to get a hot cup of herbal tea? Now the whole scenario isn’t as benign as it appeared previously.

Insurance Detectives Well, the insurance fraud by buyers is somewhat like the above mentioned situation. It involves making false and exaggerated claims to the Insurance policy providers in order to enjoy compensation amount, without being actually entitled to receive such a financial reimbursement. It is not clearly visible like other crimes, but that doesn’t mean that these kinds of fraudulent activities doesn’t occur in our everyday life. Fraudulent claims cost billions of dollars annually to the insurance sector. Many small, medium and large insurance firms become victim to such crimes year after year.

Now if you belong to any insurance firm, you have two options to consider. Either you can become a prey to such fraudsters or you can thrive without becoming an easy target to such immoral ways of our society. It is upon you to choose.

If you choose the latter one, we have some good news for you.

We, City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. are a private detective agency, and we can provide you with excellent services for insurance fraud investigation. Under this service, we conduct extensive background checks and investigate on the clients, claiming for high compensation from insurance policy providers. Our team is specially qualified and experienced in the process of verification of the authenticity of the claims.

Lastly, we would like to say that using insurance fraud investigators  like us is not an unnecessary expenditure but a precaution from avoidable loss.

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