Pre matrimonial investigation by private detective agency

City Intelligence  answers  most commonly asked questions  about  pre-matrimonial  investigation:-

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QUESTION:-What exactly is involved in Pre matrimonial investigation ?

CITY  INTELLIGENCE:-  If you are going to marry someone, you would probably want to verify every essential detail about your soon-to-be life partner, including his/her personal life, professional life, medical history, criminal background (if any), previous relationships (if any) and general habits etc.  This is where we enter. We are professionally qualified and experienced to conduct a detailed investigation on this subject, where we verify all the essential details about your prospective life partner as per your requirement and then prepare a report based on our findings. This is what, pre-matrimonial investigation is all about.

In simple words, it is an investigation on the person, whom you are going to marry with an objective to know about his/her background.

QUESTION :- How long does it takes to conduct a pre matrimonial investigation on a person?

CITY  INTELLIGENCE:- It takes about a week to ten days, to complete such an investigation. It mainly depends upon the requirements of the client and the location where such an investigation is to be conducted.

QUESTION:- How much does it costs, to obtain the pre matrimonial investigation service provided by you?

CITY  INTELLIGENCE:- It usually depends upon the situation of the client, location where the investigation is to be conducted and the resources to be involved in the investigation. Charges are discussed in advance, where you can inform us about your budget and we can finalize the final amount, mutually beneficial to both parties.

QUESTION:- Do you have enough resources to conduct a successful pre matrimonial investigation?

CITY  INTELLIGENCE:- Yes, definitely. We have an experienced and a skilled team proficient in this area of investigation. Latest technology and gadgets available in the market are used for our investigation process.

Along with that, we believe that a mixture of hard work, passion, dedication and intellect are the necessary ingredients for success and that’s what we adopt in our every investigation process.

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