Pre Matrimonial Detective Agency in Chandigarh


From a long time, marriages are serving as an essential part of a person’s  life.  We all want a happy and a long lasting marital life. Choosing the perfect life partner is a key for happy marriage. It is an important decision, because everything depends on the kind of life partner we choose. But, how many of us are willing to take proper measures, before making this decision?  How many of us, take help of professionals to do a meticulous research on the person, we have decided to marry?

This is where; City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. enters into the picture. City Intelligence is a private detective agency, dealing in personal and corporate investigation of all types. Pre-matrimonial investigative service comes under our area of expertise. We know that you want to know, whatMatrimonial Detective Agency in Chandigarhexactly is covered under pre-matrimonial investigative service, so let’s have a look into that:-

If you opt for a pre-matrimonial investigation service from a well – trained private detective agency, they will conduct a thorough background check on the person, you have decided to marry. City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. is one of those well trained private detective agencies. We have a skilled and experienced team of professionals, who are capable of extracting all the necessary details regarding the subject of our investigation as discreetly as possible, so that you can make the correct choice for your life.

Under this service, we will proceed with our investigation, on the basis of your requirement. You can confirm just the basic details about his/her life or you can ask us to do a comprehensive investigation on him/her.

Basically, under pre-matrimonial check, City Intelligence covers the following aspects:-

  • His/her professional status, which will include details about the job, business profile and current salary of the subject of our investigation;
  • Details about his/her family members and their overall reputation in the society;
  • Overall financial status (pending debts if any);
  • His/her moral character;
  • Criminal Background (if any);
  • His/her general behaviour among friends and family;
  • Living standards which includes details about his/her residential address and verifying whether it is owned or rented;
  • Previous relationships (if any);
  • Drug/ alcohol abuse and other general habits.

Internet has totally changed the whole marriage scenario. Matrimonial websites and matchmaking apps are the most common sources to find a life partner these days. We must agree that these developments have provided us with many benefits and because of those benefits the whole process of searching for a life partner has become much easier.

 But, we must also agree that with benefits, there are also some risks associated in this way. Through digital communication, you may think that you have created a true bond with the opposite person, but still how can you be sure that every detail revealed by him/her are exactly true and nothing else?

The person on the other side may have lied about everything in order to dupe you. He/ she may have been using a fake identity all along, to target innocent people. You can never be certain about anything these days, until you get proper confirmation. It is better to be cautious before, than regretting on your decision afterwards.

Matrimonial Investigator in Chandigarh

We know that some of you may still believe that there is no need to involve an outside party in your private affairs. You may think that using a pre-matrimonial investigative service as a useless process, maybe because you may have utmost confidence and trust on the person chosen by you.

There is nothing wrong in having faith in your choice, but you must also know that there is nothing wrong in getting a confirmation about your choice from an outside party like us, so that you can get honest results, free of bias. If you have complete trust in your choice, there is no harm in getting an outside opinion from a third party, isn’t it? By this, you can proceed with your decision with a much higher confidence and assurance than before. Think about it, you may get a new perspective on this whole issue.

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