It is one thing to trust your partner, because you genuinely believe that your partner will never betray you and there is another thing to intentionally be in the state of ignorance when all the signs which prove the deceitfulness of your partner are right in front of you?

If you are one of those people, deliberately standing in the dark, then it is high time for you to face the light. You totally deserve to know the truth, if you suspect that your partner is cheating on you.

This kind of situation can happen either before marriage or after marriage and the investigation which deals with this kind of situation is called Matrimonial Investigation.

If you enquire about your prospective life partner before marriage through professional detective agencies, then such an investigation can be termed as pre-matrimonial investigation and the same type of investigation conducted on your spouse i.e. after marriage, can be termed as post- matrimonial investigation.

If you feel that your relationship with your partner is slowly crumbling and in this situation, you may think that everything may get sorted in your life on its own, but as they say every problem needs an action and an effort to be solved. Hiring a good private detective agency may be the right action on your part to reach towards the deep end of your problem.

A good private detective agency will try to gather each and every detail of your partner, leaving no stone unturned, from its wide range of trusted sources. It will provide you a detailed report on the investigation conducted, with as many proofs as possible supporting their results.

CITY INTELLIGENCE PVT. LTD. is one such detective agency, which specializes in this area. It understands that people seek the services of detective agencies with great hope and expectations. It knows that it would be really hard for people to open about their personal problems to an outsider and that is why utmost care is taken while proceeding with these investigations, in order to accomplish it as smoothly as possible. So, basically City Intelligence is a perfect combination of sharp skills, knowledge and incredible professionalism, which people can trust, just like they trust their family member or a close friend.

City Intelligence also takes enough measures to protect the identity of its clients, because it understands that if identity of its client gets revealed in any way during the middle of the investigative procedure, it can cause damage beyond repair in the whole investigation as well as in the personal life of the client.

The process of investigation depends upon the situation of each and every client. Here, in this case, it depends upon the fact that whether pre-matrimonial investigation or post-matrimonial investigation is needed to be conducted for the client. City Intelligence takes all the essential factors about the case into account and designs the best possible course of action for its clients.

At the last, it would not be wrong to say that there are still many people in this day and age, who will readily choose to accept the lies, instead of facing the truth, but such an attitude cannot be helpful in the long term and can only result in heartache and sorrow. So, if you are one among such people, now is the time to leave the denial mode and to take control of your present as well as your future.

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