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The 3 C’s of City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd.

There are many reasons to choose the services of a private detective agency. You may have accessed the services of other private investigation agencies before and looking for something different or it must be your first time using any investigative service, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters to us is providing you with excellent investigative services so that we, City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. leave a special mark in your life.

We have an experience of more than two decades in this private investigation industry. So, you can imagine that with change in time, we have evolved ourselves according to it. Dedication and hard work are the main factors which takes one through the end of the road and we completely believe that.

Now, you should know about the 3 C’s of City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. These 3 C’s helps us to build a strong connection with our clients.

The three C’s of City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. are:-




Let’s  look at the first C- Confidentiality.

When you are trying to opt for a good private detective agency, what do you look for?  Skills, capabilities of that agency..? and once you have found a proficient detective agency, what do you look for before  asking them to proceed with your case? You ask them whether they can keep your identity confidential or not, isn’t it? You will not let them proceed with your case, if the investigation process can threaten your identity in any way, right? This is the foremost thing, one fears about before reaching out to a private detective agency. You don’t have to worry in this regard, while dealing with us.

We take utmost care about your client’s preferences. You can trust us, just like you trust your family member or a close friend. Confidentiality is the key word for us.

Let’s look into the another C- Coherent style.

One can’t win a situation, if one don’t have a coherent style of operation. This factor is very important to private investigators, whose profession mainly involves planning and creating strategies. Being reasonable , well-organized and articulate is all what a coherent style involves. City Intelligence employs this quality into its behaviour. We have systematic ways and procedures, which we use in our investigation process. While handling a case, we create a specific plan or strategy and we discuss it with our clients and only after getting their approval, we proceed with the case. By informing them beforehand, we make them aware about the efforts which we will make in the investigation process, resources required to fulfill the process and the time which we will take to complete the investigation process successfully.

Last but not the least, the third C stands for cost effectiveness.

Being cost effective means being effective or productive in relation to its cost. A customer will be happy from a service, only when he/she feels that the quality of service was good and up to the mark as compared to the amount spent on it. It makes the whole transaction as a wonderful experience for both the customer as well as for the service provider. We would like to inform you that you will feel the same way by using the services provided by City Intelligence. Amount of resources to be spent on the case, efforts to be made to crack the case and the situations involved in the case are the factors, which helps us to set charges for our services. We do inform the service charges, well in advance to our clients and if they have any form of hesitancy or doubts regarding this, they can tell us. We will discuss it and reach an amount, which can be mutually beneficial.

These were the three C’s which helps us to form a strong bond with our clients. Along with that, if you want to know, what serves as the source of strength for this private detective agency, we have three things to say: Our hard work, our strong determination and of course the excellent management and control by the Managing Director of City Intelligence, Mr. Rajeev Kumar.

Therefore, if you are looking for personal or corporate investigation service, don’t wait  and contact us.

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