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City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. is one of the finest private detective agencies of our times. Like every professional organization, we also believe in growing and creating a special identity for ourselves and basically, we believe in broadening our horizons by our skills and capabilities. If you are looking forward to use investigative service in Varanasi, which is affordable, proficient, equipped with proper resources to successfully handle every challenge in this digital age and one of the best in their profession, then you should know that City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd. is offering its investigative services in Varanasi. Varanasi, one of the beautiful cities of Uttar Pradesh, where culture and traditions meet each other, can access the services of this promising detective agency.

We know that, you will decide to contact an outsider with your problem, only when you are in a delicate situation and coming out of that situation means a lot to you. Even though, we are not in your shoes, still we do understand this and we will take utmost care to deal with your problem. Dealing with personal and corporate investigation of all types is our forte.

Investigation services are not limited to particular parties. Whether you are looking for investigating about the person whom you are going to marry or you are looking for investigating about the prospective employee, whom you are going to hire for your firm, both kind of parties are welcome in City Intelligence. People usually have a pre- formed notion that services from a private detective are limited for cases relating to personal investigation only. That is not true. A large number of companies hire private investigators to deal with issues relating to their professional life. You can find more about the number of services provided by City Intelligence for our corporate clients, listed below. In short, by opting for services from City Intelligence for the issues mentioned below, you can affectively deal with your personal as well as your professional life.

There are a lot of challenges one can face in their professional as well as in their personal life. If you want one example, let’s say you are a part of a competitive industry; there is a danger of your confidential information regarding your firm to be leaked to your rivals. Snooping and eavesdropping the activities of your business competitors are one of the common techniques used in a professional environment to gain unfair advantage. Similarly, one can take unfair advantage of your trust and confidence to ruin your personal life.

Our specialities in corporate investigation as well as personal investigation are as follows:-

For Corporate investigation

TSCM (electronic sweeping & Debugging)
Due diligence & asset verification
Pre & Post Employment  investigation
Labour court cases
Cheating/ theft cases
Insurance verification
Fingerprint & handwriting expert opinions
Risk assessment
Crime scene interpretation
Forensic science services

For Personal investigation

Pre- matrimonial verification
Post matrimonial discords & litigation support
 To check a person’s trust, loyalty or breach of conduct by
powerful people.
 Cyber crime investigation
Divorce related proof investigation

If you want to be successful in any profession, you need to adapt yourself according to that age, according to the needs of people in that age. If you don’t stays relevant, how can you possibly solve the problems of the people with your outdated techniques? If you try to use a cassette tape in a laptop, will it work?

No! then, how can one survive in the current world by using ancient equipment?

City Intelligence realizes the importance of this issue and that is why, it involves the usage of latest and updated technology in its investigations. We believe that, if we use technology in the right way, we can produce amazing results to help the mankind. This is 2019, where tricksters and fraudsters come up with new and innovative methods every day to dupe innocent people. Usage of latest gadgets available in the market helps us to stay ahead of them and help our clients in the long run. 

There are a number of detective agencies in our country. It surely does get difficult to choose one among these many options. We understand your dilemma and we hope that after reading this, you are able to get a much clear picture about what makes City Intelligence one of the best choice.

Before deciding to choose for services from a particular organization, you will see whether the organization is capable to fulfill your needs or not. If I decide to go to a doctor, I will examine whether he is qualified to successfully cure my ailments or not, what has been his performance record, how many similar cases has he treated previously etc. Similarly, when you decide to opt for the services of a private detective, you will carefully examine and scrutinize his strong points. You will look for the management, performance record, details about the services provided by the detective agency.

People judge about an organization, on the basis of its management. They want to know, with whom the authority and management of an organization lies, how qualified is the person, who is running the organization, will that person be able to successfully handle my situation or not. You can tell a lot about the management of an organization, by its performance in the outside world. The authority and management of this detective agency lies with Mr. Rajeev Kumar (Managing Director), who is extremely talented and a dedicated professional detective. He is duly trained in this area with coveted membership of World Association of Detectives. He is also General Secretary (Delhi) for Association of Private Detectives & Investigators (APDI) with a dedicated team of Law- enforcement agencies. His experience and credentials show that City Intelligence is a trustworthy detective agency. City Intelligence is capable of handling obstacles thrown in its way.

Situation of each and every case and the services opted by the client as well as the energy and resource spent by us for the case are the deciding factors behind the charges allocated by City Intelligence from its clients, but it doesn’t means that we don’t  take your budget into consideration. Our aim is to provide our investigative services at affordable cost. So, don’t hesitate while sharing your budget with us.

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