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Navigating challenges involved in the private investigation sector

The past few years have been life-changing due to the global pandemic. In order to go through this time safely, people have effectively altered their way of living and work. Every profession has gone through some changes and this tremendous shift in lifestyle has certainly brought a new wave of transformation in the private investigation sector.

Is it said that to move ahead, one has to change their ways with the changing times. Keeping that in mind, we have successfully made certain changes in our way of operation to navigate through these challenging times smoothly.

It is not viable to use the exact same old methods of investigation when people’s way of living and working has changed in a considerable way. Both our personal and corporate investigation services have been re-designed to focus on the new ways in which individuals interact in their personal life and carry on with their professional life.

Personal investigation services provided by us like pre-matrimonial investigation, background verification, divorce case proof investigation, missing person investigation and Bug Sweeps etc. are not limited to only focusing upon the face-to-face (direct) interactions of the target subject within their social circle. Their digital interactions are also given utmost consideration to understand them in a better way. There is a shift in people’s overall behaviour & way of interaction since the pandemic and as a dynamic investigation agency; we have formulated some safe, ingenious methods to conduct our personal investigations in a secure manner, as per the current health protocols.

When we look into the professional world, we can see that remote working or “Work from home” has become the new norm for most business organizations. The way in which people go through their work-life has changed with time. Office meetings are being done through virtual platforms, assignments are regulated through online modes and the overall way of functioning in professional spheres has gone through several notable changes. These changes make it difficult to monitor the overall efficiency & actual productivity of employees. Therefore, our corporate services like pre/post-employment investigation, due diligence, employee thefts and debugging, etc. have been altered to suit the new guidelines & code of conduct followed in today’s business environment.

Our redefined investigative methodologies try to ensure that employees don’t misuse & mismanage the office resources and valuable data for their personal advantage.

Efforts have been made to tackle the new challenges through innovative & clear-cut solutions so that no issues are faced while conducting our investigative services. Times may have changed but the overall commitment & quality of City Intelligence’s service still remains intact and strong!

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