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Digital age is the age of internet and technology. It is also an age of immense power, which we get through quick access to information.  When you think about private investigators, what do you imagine them to be like?

Someone holding magnifying glasses, wearing stylish black glasses, hat and a long trench coat, who needs to physically visit the field of investigation every time, in order to collect data… Well, if this is how you are imagining private investigators then your imagination probably needs some rectification.  Private investigators of the present day don’t necessarily follow any particular attire on regular basis, as it will mean ‘standing out’ and not ‘fitting in’ and most importantly, they don’t have to physically visit each and every location all the time, for successfully conducting their investigation.

private investigation servicesDigitalization has made it possible for them, to acquire the required information, just after a few clicks through internet. Modern inventions and improvement in technology, has definitely been a blessing for all of us and private investigators very well know, how to use this blessing to their full advantage without crossing the fine line of moral principles & ethics at the same time.

Social media, which is one of the gifts of this digital era, is a highly useful tool for private investigators. One can get so much information about a person, by tracing their social media foot prints.

private investigation services

Suppose an investigator, is asked to trace a missing person. Normally, it would have taken him about a week or two and a lot of visitations to the field.  But with the rise of digital age, things have turned out to be quite different from earlier and in a good way. He could conduct social media check on the missing person in every social media platform and thus by carefully analyzing the updates posted by the subject of the investigation, he can find him much earlier than a week. Did you see, how digitalization is serving as an aid and not as a hindrance to the profession of private investigation!

In the above example, you got to know that how the digital age is benefiting the working method of private investigators, but do you know it is also helping the private investigators with connectivity?

Yes, you heard it right; private investigators from one state can provide their investigative services to other states as well, without being physically present in other locations. As you already know telephonic communications are an option, but to share information in a much better way, the investigator and the interested clients for the investigative services can connect with each other through internet. Emails & video calls are some of the ways; they can use to communicate with each other in a better way.

private investigation services in delhi jaipur

In our life, we may find that there are plenty of people around us, with suspicious backgrounds and therefore, we should be extra careful before associating with an unknown person, otherwise we can face harmful repercussions. Private investigators can be very useful in this regard. As we already know digitalization involves conversion of information into digital format, private investigators can access this information and after some verification of their own, they can help us to know who is authentic and who isn’t.

Let me explain this better, through an example. Suppose, you are planning to marry Mr.X/ Miss.Y and you decide to get a pre-matrimonial check from an investigator. So, how will the investigator do that?

Firstly, the investigator will try to verify the authenticity of the information provided by Mr. X/Miss. Y through various sources. He will do social media verification to know more about Mr. X/Miss Y’s personality and along with that he will also use the online public data bases, to know whether Mr. X/Miss Y has any criminal background. Surely, the investigator would have to do some investigation of his own, other than the online verification in order to fulfill this case but still it is clearly evident from this example that how digitalization is helping the investigators to do lengthy and complicated procedures in a much simpler and faster way.

It is true that all the procedures in the profession of a private investigator, cannot be possibly done by only accessing the digital information as it involves much more than that, but still it cannot be ignored that the digital age and the advancements of technology are acting as wings for the private investigators to fly high in the sky.

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