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In order to understand this subject more clearly, let’s begin with a small example: So let’s say Mr. A hires Mr. B in the accounts department. He even conducted a pre-employment investigation, which involved a thorough background check and other verification, before hiring him to be a part of his company. After six months or so, he finds out that Mr. B has been swindling huge amounts of cash from the company and window dressing the financial accounts according to his benefit.

In this situation, we all want to know the answer for the following questions from Mr. A:-

  • Why did you believe that, after conducting an interview and a thorough pre-employment investigation on the prospective employee, your duties regarding this aspect are over? Don’t you know that, proper management of a company is continuous process and not a one-time task ?
  • What made you so sure that a candidate who clears background screening will not commit any crime at all in the workplace, after being hired?

These are some of the questions, you should be thinking about too , if you wonder whether post employment investigation is necessary or not for your organization. Sadly, not only Mr. A but majority of people from the corporate world doesn’t give much attention to post employment investigation

Yes, you may have conducted a pre-employment investigation of the prospective employee in depth, which is great and a smart choice, but that is not enough.  Things change every day in our world and so do the people. Situations never remain the same, any good employee of today can be a threat for tomorrow, if he goes through a different kind of situation and you will be totally unaware of this whole scenario, if you fail to place your organization under scrutiny. This is what post- employment investigation aims to achieve.

By opting for post employment investigation, you can stay informed about the activities of your employees, on your absence.

People say that ignorance is bliss, but that is definitely not true in this regard. By conducting a post employment investigation, you can come out of the dark and know the truth behind your employee’s actions and most importantly, you can take effective steps in this regard, before it’s too late to do that.

Many private investigators are particularly skilled in the area of corporate investigation. One among them is City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd., which incorporates the  three step process under post employment investigation.

  • The first step involves providing plans and strategies which can be helpful to manage staff in a better way and to monitor their activities as discreetly as
  • Secondly, they provide the employers with various methods and specially designed procedures to keep an eye on any misconduct or breach of company rules and regulation by employees.
  • They also provide different techniques to the employers, which can be useful to maintain security of the company’s data base and its confidential information, so that the company never becomes a victim of snooping and eavesdropping by its competitors.

Many times, even pre-employment investigations are not done properly due to many reasons like unavailability of required information about the candidate’s past at that moment or simply due to human errors and much attention may not have been paid by you or by any other to confirm the genuineness and accuracy of the information provided by candidate.  So, what about them? Will you let them go unnoticed,  until you face some tragic consequences in your organisation due to their actions ?

That is why, you should understand that time to time check on the employees and their activities  is the best policy to survive in the corporate world. Corporate world is full of unpredictable threats and dangers, which will not always come from  outside the organisation.

You must have heard that ‘a stitch in time saves nine’, which means that a timely effort can save a lot of extra labor.  Don’t wait, opt for post employment investigation before it’s too late.

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