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Top 20 Detective Agency In Delhi (2023)

Delhi, the capital of India, is home to a large number of detective agencies. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which agency is right for you. To help, we’ve put together a list of the top 20 detective agencies in Delhi, based on reputation, experience, and customer satisfaction.

Top 20 detective agency in delhi
  1. City Intelligence Pvt. Ltd.

City Intelligence – Detective Agency in Delhi is known for offering 100% Discrete & Confidential Private InvestigationCorporate Investigation Services for Pan India & International Enquires at affordable pricing. City Intelligence (The Clue Hunters) is one of the highly reputed Detective Agency in Delhi. Our private detectives in Delhi have years of experience. Our operative detectives have a variety of skills, including surveillance, debugging, finding contacts, monitoring locations or using most advanced spy technology. Most Popular Services offered by City Intelligence Pvt Ltd. are:

Personal Detective Services:
Pre Matrimonial Investigation
Post Matrimonial & Extra Marriage Affair Investigation Services
Divorce Case Investigation
Background Verification
Loyalty Check
Missing Person Investigation
Spy Gadgets & Software Debugging and Sweeping
Legal Assistance

Corporate Detective Services:

Corporate Investigations
Employee Verification
Background Verification
Corporate Due Diligence
Intellectual Property Rights Theft & Pilferage Investigation
Audio & Video Surveillance
Sting & Undercover Operations

2. AMX Detectives

With an experience of more than 35+ years, Mr Baldev Kumar Puri, the Chairman of AMX Detectives (P) Ltd. has his career in this field from the Grass root level. He is a Professional Private Detective and Investigator in Delhi (NCR), Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Punjab, Rajasthan, Maharastra, rest of the India and overseas with a proven track record & supported by a team of young & experienced professionals Investigators. The mission of the “AMX” is to provide a reliable & dependable net all over India & tie-up with Professional investigation companies abroad.

3. Indian Detective Agency

Indian Detective Agency is one of the award winning Private Detective Agency in Delhi and Mumbai(India). IDAPL (Indian Detective Agency Private Limited) was established in 1999. Team of highly experienced private detectives in Delhi, India offers Safe, Secure and Confidential deals on Private Investigations, Corporate, Pre and Post Matrimonial Investigation, Spousal, Finance Investigations, Love Affair Investigation, Business, Due Diligence Investigation, IPR Investigation, Assets Tracing Investigation, Financial Fraud Investigation, Pre-Post Employment Check benefits in all over India and abroad.

4. DDS Management Solutions

DDS Detectives is a certified Private detective agency in Delhi, Which is duly registered with Indian Government. Since its establishment in the year 2013, DDS Detectives has successfully solved many cases. The story behind the name DDS is that, its original planned operations of detective services were to be carried out in only Delhi NCR and hence the founder (A retired ACP from Delhi Police) named it Delhi Detective Services. Later, in the year 2017 the company was taken over by the present CEO, Sanjeev Kumar (who also had a stint in Delhi Police as an Inspector of Police). The new visionary CEO had Pan India ambitions for the best detective agency in Delhi, hence the company renamed as DDS Management Solutions Pvt Ltd. Team DDS is a mix of highly professional and well trained Private Investigators (PI), Ex Police and CBI Officials, Female investigators, Cyber Crime Experts and Executives.

5. Apex Detectives

Apex is the top leading Private Detective Agency in Delhi, India. Are you searching for the Matrimonial Detective in Delhi? If yes, then this is the ideal place for hiring a detective. Detectives are the most demanded professionals in the modern world. Everyone wants to generate all the secrets of their boyfriend, husband, spouse or wife.

6. First Indian Detective Agency

The premium Detective Agency In Delhi, First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA) has been the home of the best private investigators. The agency offers both personal and corporate investigation services. With ISO 2008-9001 authentication certificates, FIDA is an accredited and qualified non-public investigation organization. We provide factually accurate and reliable investigation services involving both personal and corporate investigation services. With a superb team of private investigators, we claim to be the best among all the leading Best Detective Agency in Delhi NCR for background verification and matrimonial investigations.

7. Sleuth India Detectives

Sleuths India is an award-winning and highly acclaimed private detective agency that enjoys a industry experience of more than Two Decades and takes pride in over 10,000 successfully solved cases. It’s an agency synonymous with unmatched investigative excellence, and is also acknowledged for a robust national network. We’re not only the most valued organization in the investigation field but also the most awarded detective agency in the county by a distance.

Over the years, the agency has won so many prestigious awards for maintaining excellence in investigation, including Awards by the President of India (The Young Entrepreneur Award in 2012), by MoS, Ministry of Home Affair (Investigation Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2014), by Minister of Tribal Affairs (Investigation Leadership Award in 2017).

8. Lady Detectives India

Setting an unmatched standard of investigation in India, ‘Lady Detectives India’ is a well established Detective Agency in Delhi known for providing realistic solutions cases of differing nature. We are a Lady Detective Agency committed to provide quality investigation worked upon with necessary tact and with an expert investigation team catering to our clients.


24 Hrs Investigation is the best detective agency in Delhi NCR. Our team of experienced investigators is dedicated to getting results in a short span of time. Our Services includes pre-matrimonial investigation, post-matrimonial investigation, sting operation, missing person investigation, cyber crime investigation, personal investigation, Asset Verification etc. investigations. Our team uses the latest technology and techniques to gather the evidence and provide you the surety of confidentiality. 

10. Matrimonial Investigators

Matrimonial Investigator Registered With Govt. Of India & Award-Winning Detective Agency in Delhi specializes in Pre & Post matrimonial investigations. Hiring a private detective agency is a big decision. We get it. This is why it’s vital that you hire the right company. Over 15 Years of experience private detectives, I take my job seriously, as do the rest of our investigative team members. We apply the same diligence and investigative techniques as law professionals do for each case we take on.

11. Spy Detective Agency

Matrimonial Investigator Registered With Govt. Of India & Award-Winning Detective Agency in Delhi specializes in Pre & Post matrimonial investigations. Hiring a private detective agency is a big decision. We get it. This is why it’s vital that you hire the right company. Over 15 Years of experience private detectives, I take my job seriously, as do the rest of our investigative team members. We apply the same diligence and investigative techniques as law professionals do for each case we take on. 

12. Top India Detective Agency

Top Indian Detective Agency is a well known private detective agency in Delhi, India, with an experience of 25 years work as a pioneer of customer satisfaction. We handle every type of personal and corporate investigation services which includes pre matrimonial verification, post matrimonial investigation, divorce case investigation, child custody investigation, surveillance detective, extramarital affairs investigation, employment verification, background check etc. We strive to dig out facts out of evidences which can be big help for our client to be submitted in court for firm legal fight. So in that if you need our assistance then don’t think top much and make an appointment with us, we assure you to provide world class investigation with a specific timeframe.

13. Tejas Detective Agency

TEJAS DETECTIVES is being managed, owned and run by the most renowned and experienced detective Ms. Bhavna Paliwal. The detective world have fewer women detectives and particularly in India and among them Bhavna Paliwal has been on the leading front Detectives India, New Delhi Detectives. She has particularly done a number of investigations for women who are in distress and are not getting any support from their family or society. Many organizations have welcomed and supported her in this effort.

14. Secret Watch Detectives

Secret Watch Detectives (SWD) is one of Top Private Investigation Agencies in New Delhi, India specializing in both Personal and Corporate Investigations. Established in 1999, we have displayed a consistent track record of success across complex cases, coupled with uncompromising ethics that instill confidence and trust in our clients Along the line, we have won several Awards and received mentions in the print and electronic media, Best Detective in India.

15. Season21 Detective Agency

Season21 Detective Agency is a Best Private Detective Agency in Delhi, one of the famous detectives in Delhi-India, we truly understand the pain of an Individual who is suffering from mental stress. You can totally relay us because we are Private Detectives in Delhi who specialized in handling Matrimonial Investigations by Providing Personal Detective Services in Delhi-India and Providing Concrete and Solid Evidence by conducting confidential Investigation in All Over India, We claim ourselves as the best Private Detective Agency in Delhi-NCR. We undertake all kind of Corporate, Personal and Matrimonial Investigations which relates to Pre-Matrimonial Inquiry, Pre Marriage Verification, Pre Marital Inquiry, Post Matrimonial Cases, Secret Love Affair s and Spouse Adultery Investigation with Proofs, Divorce Investigation Services, Surveillance, Child Custody, spouse infidelity.

16. S R Detectives

SR Detectives is a growing private detective in Delhi providing quality investigative services to the corporate world and Individuals. We have have handled multifaceted investigations in both corporate and personal fields. The services provided include- Pre and Post-Employment Screening, Fraud, Litigation Support and Assets Verification etc. and individual services such as Pre & Post Matrimonial Verification, Divorce Case, Intellectual Property Rights’ infringements etc.

17. Ascon Detectives Network

Ascon Detectives Network is a leading pioneer in the field of private investigation from many years. We have been providing quality detectives or investigative services to the corporate world and Individuals.

18. Impact Intelligence Services

Impact Intelligence Services was founded in the year 2007. We are the most trusted private detective agency in Delhi and NCR region, India specialized in both corporate and personal investigation cases. Our team has highly qualified and experienced private detectives that treat each assignment with utmost discretion maintains confidentiality and meticulous attention to details. Impact Intelligence offers a wide range of competent and cost-effective investigative services.  

19. Alliance Detective Agency

Alliance Detective Agency is a full-service detective agency in Delhi, NCR. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and our team of experienced investigators is dedicated to getting results. Our specialization is in infidelity cases, but we also handle missing persons, child custody, and insurance fraud investigations. Our team uses the latest technology and techniques to gather evidence and is committed to discretion and confidentiality. If you need answers, contact us. We’ll get to the bottom of it.

20. Dolphin Detective Agency

Dolphin Detective Company proudly calls itself as one of the finest sets of the performer in the country. They do investigation very secretly so that suspicious person could not escape anyhow. We offer a range of services such as Pre Matrimonial Investigation, Post Matrimonial Investigation, divorce data collection, Loyalty check, Pre and Post Employment Investigation, etc.

When selecting a detective agency, it’s important to consider factors such as experience, expertise, and the types of services offered. Some agencies may specialize in specific areas, such as matrimonial investigations or corporate espionage, while others may offer a wider range of services. Additionally, it’s important to consider the agency’s reputation and track record, as well as their methods for ensuring confidentiality and client privacy.

Whether you need to investigate infidelity, locate a missing person, or conduct background checks, the right detective agency can provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions. So if you’re looking for a reliable and experienced detective agency in Delhi, consider one of the top 20 agencies listed above. With their expertise and commitment to client satisfaction, you can be confident that you’re getting the best possible service.

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