It is often said that truth sets you free. Knowing the truth can prevent you from taking wrong and disastrous decisions. It can save your life and protect you from misfortunes, and sometimes, dangerous situations.private detective in delhi

But the truth is also evasive and not easy to ascertain or comprehend. With life becoming more complex and urban life covering every individual in a cloud of anonymity and mystery, it is not easy to know the truth of a person, however, close he may be to you.

This is where private investigation can help you and protect you from potential danger. From pre and post-marital investigation to corporate investigation, a growing number of Indians are seeking the help of private detectives or investigative agencies to check up on a prospective bride, groom or employee.


 Private investigation plays a critical role not only in pre and post-marital investigation but also in many other areas like solving criminal cases, evidence collection,  teenage monitoring, personal investigation, and employee investigation.

Pre Marriage Investigation

One of the areas where people are seeking more and more help of private investigation agencies is pre-marital investigation. Private investigation is matrimonial detective agency in delhi ncrgenerally taken up to check on a suitor’s background, financial position, social status, lifestyle, character, past relationships, job/ business and sometimes even medical conditions.

As more and more alliances are being fixed through online portals and involvement of friend and families is becoming lesser, it becomes essential to check facts about the prospect. In most cases, families do not know the prospective bride/groom personally and fear the chances of some uncomfortable truths coming to surface later on.

The nature and scope of investigation in case of matrimonial investigation are very wide and research involves online searches, inquiries through the social circle use of technology and on-the-spot surveillance. With a thorough investigation of the prospective groom or bride, one can be more sure about one’s future life partner.

Working With The Police and The State

Private investigators can prove to be of immense help to the police and state investigative agencies. As is often the case in our country, when police departments are understaffed, many criminal cases remain unsolved. A private investigator can help dig in new information, bring fresh evidence and throw light on unsolved mysteries.

This may help solve a case faster and may bring the actual culprit to book, may save someone from false accusations and may bring in justice for the victim before it is too late.

Benefits for Lawyers

For lawyers contesting a case in the courts, a private investigator can prove to be an important asset, especially in more complicated or serious cases.

Employee background check

With companies grow in size, the need to recruit talented people from all parts of the country is also growing. This puts companies at a greater risk of hiring EMPLOYEE VERIFICATION CHECKthe wrong candidate. A thorough background investigation of the prospective employee helps in ascertaining not only criminal and other background but also competence, qualification, and possible troubled history. It helps in verifying the claims made in the employee’s CV and encourages the selection of the one who is best suited for your company or business.

Evidence Collection

Evidence gathered by a hired private investigator can make the difference between winning or losing a case. Evidence collection is the most crucial step Evidence Collectionin winning any court case, whether civil or criminal. A private investigator can search public records, interview people and verify facts to collect information which may prove crucial for one to win a  case. He can help one find key witnesses, collect evidence and gather other information required to win the case.

Financial Investigation

When big companies plan to do large financial transactions, they find it safe toFinancial Investigation hire private investigating agencies to collect financial information of the individuals or entities involved. Many of these investigators work closely with investment bankers and concerned accountants or firms to unearth the truth.

Cases of missing children and adults

Private sleuths have an important role to play in cases like absconding or MISSING PERSONmissing people, elopement and loan default. A private sleuth can help trace easily if a person is actually missing or is hiding deliberately to avoid repayment of a loan. He can access databases, interview friends, neighbors, acquaintances etc. and use public records to find the missing information. In the process, he can uncover a new name, address, and contact details if the person is deliberately hiding.

Cyber Investigation

Misuse of technology for personal gain is becoming common giving rise to Cyber Investigationcyber crimes. Cyber threats range from copyright infringement and counterfeiting to online extortion and defamation. A discreet investigation can not only help the client find out the culprit but also protect himself from unwanted attention.

Investigation related to corporate frauds

Sometimes in big organizations and giant companies, people holding key positions may get involved in illegal or unethical practices. There may also be corporate fraud investigationpeople passing information of a confidential and critical nature to competitors or outsiders. There can also be attempts by some employees or even outsiders to malign the company or indulge in anti-management activities. Misappropriation of funds in return for a commission from suppliers and vendors is also not uncommon. Such activities related to illegal commissions, inventory losses, willful omissions and disclosures of classified information etc. are investigated under corporate frauds.

Post matrimonial investigation and teenage monitoring

If you have faced situations where the activities of your spouse have raised TEENAGE MONITORINGyour suspicion, then hiring a private sleuth or agency may help you. Proper surveillance and shadowing may help bring out the truth. It may help you either get rid of your doubts or may help you take corrective action, as the case may be.

With teenagers spending a lot of time away from home, in the company of friends and, sometimes, even strangers whom they meet on social sites, it has become all the essential for parents to keep a close watch on their activities and give them the necessary protection and guidance. A private investigative agency can help track a teenager’s activities to find out if he/she is involved in activities like drugs, alcohol, wrong relationships etc and help parents find the truth about their children. To know more about best detective agency in Delhi Visit Our Website.

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