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Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Pre Matrimonial Investigation Pre Matrimonial Investigation Agency in Dubai


Why pre matrimonial investigation is important?

They say marriages are made in heaven, but at this day and age it will not be wrong to say that marriages are made in online matrimonial websites and other match making apps. Improvement in technology has drastically changed our lifestyle. It will not be wrong to say that the whole world lies at our fingertips. Gone are the days, when parents used to search for prospective brides and grooms among their close friends and acquaintances, which would take almost a year to fix a suitable alliance. Today, we are living in 2019 where from food to eat till clothes to wear, everything is available online and you can get very little thing at your doorstep without any inconvenience. Same applies for finding brides and grooms for marriage. Younger generation of today believes that a suitable life partner is just a few clicks away.
Parents are also getting used to this idea, but still they are doubtful. They have thousands of questions across their mind like :
What if..

The person their kids meet online has been using a fake identity and other details to cheat them
The person is already married with children or has a criminal record
The person, their child wants to marry is involved in drugs and also trying to brainwash their child to indulge in such activities and so on..

They are not wrong. It is totally possible for all the above mentioned things to be true, as the person who is on the other side is still a stranger. His/her online profile cannot act as a valid character certificate.
Everyone must have heard that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and then obviously, how can you possibly believe that every little thing mentioned on a person’s profile is the exact truth and nothing else?

But here, we are not going to discuss whether, online matrimonial websites are right or wrong or whether we should be with technology or against it. It is so because, there is no right or wrong answer for this question. This totally depends on how you use technology, whether you treat it as a servant or you become its slave. Technology is created to help the man kind so, as long as you are using it accordingly, there’s nothing to worry about.
The main point of this discussion is "can you rely on online matrimonial website for finding a suitable life partner?" The answer is yes, of course you can, but is not necessary that all the people you meet online will turn out to be genuine and honest. Some may be actually nice, looking for a decent life partner just like you, some may be looking for a prey to cheat upon.

So if you are interested to marry someone, whom you met online, the wise decision in this situation would be to conduct a complete background check on that person, before you take things forward. There is no harm in doing some investigation beforehand, as you must have heard that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Such a process of conducting a complete background check on a person, before marriage is also called "PRE MATRIMONIAL INVESTIGATION". If the results from such an investigation are fine and reputable, you can move forward with your decision, if something suspicious is found from the investigation, you can get a warning about his/ her dubious personality.

Some may say, ‘why should I conduct a background check, when I am completely aware about that person from so many years?’ Or some may also say that ‘I have trust on my partner, why do I need a background check from a third party; an outsider?’

Such people should know that they are right, it does seem unnecessary to conduct an investigation on a person, about whom you are well aware. But, are you sure that your trust will never be used as a weapon against you, in order to fool and cheat you?
If you are so confident about the choice of your partner, you should also know that pre matrimonial investigation is nothing lesser than an assurance or you can also consider it as a guarantee. If you think your partner is morally correct, then you have nothing to fear or worry about.
So, pre matrimonial investigation is a good option for both kind of people; the one who are certain and confident about their partner’s character as well for those who are uncertain about their partner.
Do you remember? When you were a little kid, while leaving for school, your mother use to tell you to recheck your bag, before going out. You used to avoid it, as it was an extra chore for you. But, she had a point, she wanted you to ensure, that you were not missing any important book or item for school. Yes, it did take your time, but by rechecking your bag, you can be sure that you didn’t leave anything behind and even if you did, you can keep it in your bag and take it with you for school. Similarly, having a background check on your partner, may seem like a chore, but it is not worthless.

Let’s see, if you are still not ready to conduct a pre matrimonial investigation on your partner and if your partner turns out to be immoral and a cheater after marriage, what can possibly happen to you? Divorce and heartbreak.. Shattering of your self confidence, mental agony, prolonged insecurity and self doubt.. Are you ready to face such a situation? If your answer is NO, then you should definitely consider for a pre matrimonial investigation. The sole purpose of this kind of investigation is to ensure that you or your loved one doesn’t get trapped by a phony person.

To undertake such an investigation, you will need help of professionals who are expert in this area, who are qualified enough to complete such investigations with utmost confidentiality and precision, the one who is not afraid to get to the bottom of truth.

City Intelligence: A True Professional On Pre Matrimonial Investigation

City intelligence is one such investigation agency, which is capable of providing exceptional service on this issue. It provides pre- marital investigation service, where the trained professionals evaluate everything about the potential match- from his personal habits to his work history, every little detail is carefully observed and recorded, because City Intelligence values the safety and security of its clients.
Its special agents are present in every major city and also in other countries.

They can provide sufficient information about the prospective bride/groom regarding their
Professional and financial status
Previous relationships
Criminal background (if any)
General habits & daily routine etc.

So, if you or one of your loved one is getting married,

The Facts You Need, When You Need Them


Hiring City Intelligence is the only call you’ll ever have to make. We guarantee the professionalism of all our staff, and pride ourselves on our reputation to deliver the best possible results for all of our Clients.

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