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Pre-matrimonial Investigation


A couple was going to get married after a two-year-old relationship. In this case, we were approached by the father and brother of the girl. They wanted us to verify the family details of the boy she was about to marry.

To conduct pre-matrimonial investigation in order to verify all the essential details regarding the boy, who was soon going to become a part of our client’s family.

Our findings in this case are as follows:- a. The residential address given by the subject of our investigation (the boy) was found to be fake after a physical visit by our investigator.

b. With the help of a garbage collector from the locality mentioned in his fake address, we searched for evidence regarding our subject. A delivery receipt for gas cylinder was found in garbage which eventually helped us to discover the actual address of the subject.

c. On visiting the real address of the subject, we found that he was already married. He was living in that location with his wife. Moreover, they also had three children of their own.

At last, the client understood that their whole family have been deceived by the subject, but the girl found this information to be very hard to accept. She was not ready to believe this. So, we advised the client party to invite the subject to their house without giving him any prior information and then finally confront him with the truth. They did everything as per our advice. On being directly confronted, he accepted his lies in presence of the girl, he was supposed to marry. This ultimately broke the relationship between this couple and their wedding was called off. This whole incident serves as a warning that, be it love marriage or an arranged one, pre-matrimonial verification is an essential step for a better future.

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